METHOD: Don't let de-indexed domains fade away!

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    I'm sure many are doing this already, but for the sake of making a post that's useful for the community, I'll add it in here anyway.

    Noobs have been screaming "PBNs are DEAD!" and good riddance. However, there is no need to let these domain drop off and completely waste your money. There was a thread that got me thinking recently about how a-holes send reports in a google docs via gmail (tsk tsk tsk) and that they should start looking for an alternative. This is my alternative.
    How to use a de-indexed domain for communication, reports and sending emails

    First of all, I'm assuming you have some $1 hosting with a shit load of space (maybe not a shit load, but a minimum of 5GB) with cPanel. You will need some kind of power for this, so if your hosting lags on wordpress, then forget about it. If you're into PBNs then you should already know which cheap hosting provides SSD RAID-10 and a decent amount of data.

    Step 1: Generate an SSL Certificate for your domain, this will keep things nice a secure. If you log into cPanel and click on the SSL/TLS Manager icon, click on link under the heading Certificates (CRT); this is going to generate a certificate for you, but you'll need to add in some information.

    Step 2: Once you've generated the certificate you can install it. Click in the link in the sentence "If you would like to install this certificate now, you can do so using the Installer." and auto-fill by domain. Click on the install certificate button down the bottom.

    Step 3: Now you can generate an email account as normal by clicking on the Email Accounts icon and making a name. You can access that by using webmail as the subdomain. You can change it in Advanced DNS editor if you wish.

    Step 4: Now we're going to install OwnCloud. Go to the Softaculous icon and search for owncloud. Then install it as you would wordpress. Make sure you install it on the https:// from the dropdown. Install it into your root directory and change the data directory. Choose a secure admin and password (write it down).

    Optional: Owncloud has Roundcube integration, so you can set that up on your own if you like. I haven't done this myself but there is plenty of info if you search for it.

    Now you have an email system and your own google docs that google can't see, and since the domain it penalised, you don't need to worry about it being found. Can put into "noindex,nofollow" just to make sure though.

    Good luck!
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