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    Not sure if this has been shared before, apologies if it has, just came to me tonight. Before I get too badly trolled, please take in mind that I'm not 100% since I had my brain tumor removed last year, so I'm no longer the sharpest tool in the shed. This method has NOT yet been tested by myself, so no wild revenue claims or estimates are made but I cannot see why this won't work for anyone willing to do a little work.

    So we all know that companies like HostGator and Bluehost allow affiliates to setup their own unique coupon codes, and quite a lot of users like myself also use Honey for either Chrome which tries all known coupons before you checkout at any site to see if you can get a better deal.

    So, why not get own own custom codes and upload them into Honey? Sounds simple, and really it is. It's not going to cost you anything but your time (and a few emails if you want to do this properly).

    Firstly do your searching to find sites that offer custom coupons, so google affiliate + "custom coupons" or something similar. Now you could just be lazy and upload the ones we know like Hostgator, but you can bet Honey has another 30,000 coupons for those well known sites, so do some research and find some not so well known sites. Finding your own lesser known sites is the key to this working as far as I can tell.

    To enter your own coupon into Honey, just go through to checkout on the site and when you have an option to enter a coupon/code, click on your Honey icon, and then click "Have a code?" at the bottom to enter in your own code details. Repeat for all sites that you can.

    Now you won't earn much (if anything) from mainstream well known sites, so my advice is to broaden your search to find any affiliate program that your interested in and email the site or affiliate manager to ask them if they can create a custom coupon for you so you can partner with coupon sites etc. This will be where the real gold is, you will now doubt find some gems, sites that Honey either doesn't have a code for or doesn't have a working code.

    To this point, I found a site through cj.com which auto-approved and sent an email right away to their affiliate email address (included in their welcome email), and got a response within 1 hour telling me that they will happily create me a custom code and email it to me in the morning. Remember, these sites want sales and will be happy to work with you if what you're asking is within their means, and also reasonable. Just be upfront and honest in your approach.

    So we don't need traffic for this, just people already shopping online and using Honey.

    Remember I haven't tried this as yet (probably will in the coming weeks) so can't guarantee any earnings, but again with all the methods on BHW, you'll only succeed if you actually take action.

    There should be heaps of twists that can be put in this, so hopefully I've sparked your imagination. I've recommended using Honey because it's what I know, no doubt there are other plugins/programs out there.

    You can get Honey from their website here with no affiliate link, or sign up under my affiliate link with them here.

    Note - I would also recommend keeping a spreadsheet of all the sites you're working with and the coupons you're using along with their expiry dates if applicable.
    Final Note - Sorry I personally don't offer an affiliate program for my proxies, sorry.

    Comments/feedback/thoughts welcome.
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    interesting thanks, ive used honey for ebay dropshipping then uninstalled and forgot about it. i used your affiliate link btw
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    interesting, thanksa lot for the idea