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[Method] Creating Local Business Lead Generation Websites & Selling

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Patel, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Patel

    Patel Senior Member

    Mar 1, 2011
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    On the coast
    Hello everyone,

    I want to share a good method for creating local businesses, and reselling them. I have tried this in the carpet cleaning niche, as well as a attorney niche and it works very well. It's not an overnight process, but it does work.

    To sum it up, you will be creating businesses, and listing them on Google Maps and Google Plus Local Business using virtual offices to verify them.

    Step 1: Get a virtual office address

    I have used Opus Virtual Offices in the past and they worked well for me. They will give you a address, and a mailbox key you will be using when listing your business on Google. Google will send a pin verification to this address you will need.

    Step 2: Get the website and domain up

    For example, when I was in the carpet cleaning niche. I got the domain carpetcleaning[city].com and the business name was also that. The website was generic with a few articles pertaining to carpet cleaning, as well as the homepage being specific to the city I am targetting.

    Step 3: Create a new Google account, and get a Google Voice Number

    You will need a Google voice number, and redirect it to your cell phone for now. You will need this number when setting up the Google Plus Business Listing

    Step 4: Creating Google Plus Business Listing & Listing in Google Maps

    Log into your new Google account and set up the Google Plus Business Listing. Under the name of the Business, try to aim for the keyword and have keywords in their. You want to make it seem like the business name is actually Carpet Cleaning [City] or whatever your niche is. For the address, use your virtual address, and they will send you a postcard with a pin in about 3 weeks or so. Once you get the pin, verify it and the Google Plus Business Listing will go live and they will put you in Google Maps.

    Step 5: Creating backlinks and citations

    Now that your Google listing is live, you want to create alot of citations and backlinks. The important part is that on all of the backlinks, and citations the most important part is that you need to make sure that address becomes associated with the keyword.

    So say your virtual address is:

    Carpet Cleaning [City]
    111 Virtual Address Drive
    City, State, Zip

    You want to basically put all that text together always. Submit that business to as many places as you can like yellow pages, yelp, and what not it will help.

    Step 6: Creating reviews

    Get someone to create reviews to the Google Plus Business Listing and the more reviews you have, the higher chances that when someone searches Carpet Cleaning [City] or whatever your keyword is, you will come up first.


    The reason I like this method, is because the investment per business is less than $300 total including virtual offices and what not. Depending on how aggressive you do your backlinking the investment cost may be more or less.

    To monetize, you would be contacting all of your competitors. Let them know that you own a website that is already getting traffic. The reason I think this works better is because instead of promising that you will get their business to the first page, you already have a website flowing with traffic and you can sell them the fact that they will get instant results.

    You can monetize 2 ways:

    1. You can forward the calls that the Google Voice number gets, and charge them monthly to use that phone number.
    2. You can outright sell the whole project to them for a flat fee.

    Depending on the niche, you can vary on how much you want to charge the client.

    Like I said, its not a overnight project, but if you do it correctly and make the sale, it will pay off pretty well. Especially if you work on a couple of them at a time. The longest part is waiting for the Google Pin to come in the mail so I like to have a couple of pins being sent at once.

    Good luck!
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  2. desibrown

    desibrown Regular Member

    Apr 12, 2011
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    nice method. If anyone would make like 30 sites per month and in few months he would get alot of money. If done correctly.
    Thanks OP.
  3. abhi007

    abhi007 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Aug 31, 2010
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    I have been thinking of getting into Lead Gen. and your post is a good one to go over...
  4. stfrank

    stfrank Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 27, 2011
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    Home Page:
    One of my most favorite method to make stable/long-term money !

    Some addition:
    I will ranking website, web 2.0, yahoo answers, social networks and youtube video.

    Afterthat i will ask competitors for per sale comission and all of them will agree because will already mad at me because of rankings.

    Currently i am working on 1 niche and making around 2k USD.
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  5. loginname

    loginname Regular Member

    Oct 1, 2008
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    Interesting thread. Are you ranking the site and then selling it or are you offering a subscription service, where the company pays you a monthly fee?

    Also for monitizing, how about this formula:
    (expected traffic x adwords cpc) /3

    The number of monthly visitors * what the company would have paid in adwords for that keyword.. Then divide it with 3 to make it much cheaper and more lucrative, easier to sell....

    You think what I write is a good idea or?

    I'm into this niche too, so very nice to find somebody else in this field. Wish you success. Now I'm currently looking for getting into goole maps and thanks for the idea of virtual office. I will check it out.
  6. louisvu

    louisvu Junior Member

    Dec 4, 2012
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    Umma Hasa
    United States
    This is a cool approach at the local seo needs. Rank first bank later
  7. SpiderBlast

    SpiderBlast BANNED BANNED

    Jan 6, 2012
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    If done "correctly" you will only need like 4-5 sites. I know because I do local lead gen.

    This guy has mentioned only 1 piece of the overall pie.

    The right way to do lead gen is to cast a wider net.
    And in my own experience, google local sucks for traffic. I still do it, but a website ranking
    #1 will get a lot more traffic than a google local ranking #1. With that said, I rank google
    local, the website, and set up a large geotargeted YT funnel.

    Doing it this way, you can keep a business owners phone ringing all day long.

    Also, the way most marketers monetize lead gen (imho) is terrible.
    I've argued about this on WF countless times and its far better to position yourself
    as a broker rather than a lead seller. Why? Because you'll make 10xs what you make
    as opposed to selling leads individually.

    For anyone who doesn't know what a broker does, they position themselves between
    the buyer and seller, and anytime a transaction or sale is completed, the broker gets
    a kick back or commission.

    But if you're going to monetize this way, you can only target high end niches. Which is
    not really a problem because there are hundreds of them (think home improvement).

    I forward calls to businesses for FREE. Its an easy way to get in the door. Then anytime
    they make a sale, I get a 10% kickback on the job.

    So if a job sells for $16,000, I just made $1,600.
    If a job sells for $5000, I make $500.

    If I were to sell leads individually, I'd have to raise the price per lead so high, or sell the
    same lead to multiple companies and have the businesses bid on the leads. Another problem
    with selling leads individually is that it puts a lot of pressure on the company AND the person
    generating the leads. So there is less qualifying (by both the marketer and business) and this
    winds up ruining the quality of the leads. Just look at homeadvisors model. I know dozens of
    business owners who buy leads from them and very few are able to grow their businesses
    the right way.

    So the smartest thing you can do is give the leads away for free. Let the company qualify them,
    (you can record the calls) and if the lead is shit the lead is shit. I never try to rebroker those leads
    and will let them burn. The reality is, out of every 30 calls I generate, only about 4-7 of those
    calls are serious buyers looking to buy now. So I can make a few grand in commissions on those
    4-7 jobs (usually between $6,000-$8,000), or I can sell 30 leads for $50 and make a measily

    Thats why, if you're going to do lead gen, don't be a lazy piece of shit and just try to sell the
    leads off. Position yourself as a broker. Have biweekly meetings with the business. Follow up
    on every lead whether through skype / phone / email. The thing marketers don't realize is that
    many small businesses BROKER their own leads to OTHER companies. So they trust this model
    a lot more.

    Say you do roofing for a living, and get a roofing lead, then sell the job and the client tells you
    they also need insulation... but you don't do insulation. What does that business owner usually do?
    He calls a friend who does insulation and sends the lead to his friend. If the friend / business owner
    closes the job, he gives the roofing company a 10% kickback on the sale.

    So working this way has nothing but benefits. It allows you to get in the door immediately (noone
    will turn down free leads). It allows you to build long lasting relationships. Companies will have more
    respect for you. And you make a lot more money.

    For instance, yesterday a lead I gave to a company sold the same day for $14,000. It turned out
    to be a great lead. Not just because of how fast it sold. But the company was able to sell the job
    at its first offer (they will usually drop the price if a client says no to the first estimate). The business
    owner only owes me $1,400 but is giving me $2000 for that 1 lead. Why? Because its only costing
    the company $3,000 to pay their crews... which leaves $11,000 left over. Of course the company
    has other expenses like insurance, commissioning the salesman, but their profit will still be over
    $8000 once you factor that in. So I get $2000, the company makes around $6,000.

    Whats crazy, there are other better ways you can monetize local lead gen. You can basically hire your
    own salesman and have him work for multiple non-competitors. Then you give leads to the salesman
    directly, if he closes the job, you AND the him get 50% commission. And you can negotiate with
    the salesman a higher commission. Because in this instance the company isn't doing shit. They're not
    qualifying anything, no time wasted, all their doing is subcontracting the work for you.

    Then if you REALLY want to get crazy, stop acting as a broker, and start up your own small business.

    This is something I've started 2 months ago. I got my company licensed (LLC) I have a salesguy, crew
    and insurance for this 1 niche. But my job hasn't really changed. I still generate the leads, give it to the
    salesman, he closes the job, calls up the crew, they do the work, and our commissions will be around
    60-70%. We don't need no secretary, we don't need a marketing team, we don't need an office, the
    only overhead we have is insurance. All the equipment is owned by the crews.

    So you can make a KILLING in lead gen. Thats if you're willing to do more than sit on your ass in front
    of a computer screen. And I can tell you, I'm still on a small scale, and I can easily see myself 2-3 years
    from now, earnings $250,000 / yr.

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  8. CosmicSoundz

    CosmicSoundz BANNED BANNED

    Apr 30, 2012
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    good luck tracking those conversions. You really have to trust your client to be honest and let you know when one of your leads turns into a customer.

  9. eredas

    eredas Newbie

    Aug 27, 2011
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    This works. The most important part is "Have biweekly meetings with the business. Follow up
    on every lead whether through skype / phone / email.". This is where I have faltered in the past. You have to track the leads and make sure the business owners knows that your are following up on the leads and know exactly what is going on with the leads, you are almost like a sales manager.
  10. 4ContactUK

    4ContactUK Regular Member

    Mar 9, 2013
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    Business owner
    Hey SpiderBlast thanks for saving my life! Now i know it can be done, thats what i'm doing, i did it for my cleaning business and sold it off a year ago and we still get calls every week ans was wondering how i monetized it!
    Thanks again bro!
  11. 4ContactUK

    4ContactUK Regular Member

    Mar 9, 2013
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    Business owner
    I've bought the domains and am setting the websites up, my question is do you make these websites look like a local company or do you say you find the best in the area and put them in touch. The only reason i ask is if the customer receives a bad service from the company you gave the lead too, they will come back to us with the complaint so how do you deal with this or what do you say from the beginning so that you dont get involved with the after care please? Thanks

  12. fc-dh

    fc-dh Elite Member

    Oct 20, 2012
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    Den Haag | Netherlands
    I 100% agree with that, i do lead generation for three years now and i only sell the leads, every phone-call over one minute is €20-, no hassle, no bs easy money.

    You can do the commission way, but you really have to trust your client to pay you your percentage, i have no trust in people whatsoever, so that would not work for me, i know i can potentially make more money, but the hassle and the notion that you have no way of tracking the sales would not work for me.

    Also i work in the construction niche, if you take on jobs (the salesman approach) you have to make damn sure that the job is done correct as agreed upon, cus the jobs that you middle in will be your responsibility and when shit goes wrong those people that you sold to your clients will also come look for you to pay any damages, you can be liable when you broke between customer and builder.

    If you go that route make sure how responsibilities are layed out in your country/state, cus you can find yourself in a world of hurt when a job goes south, protect yourself.
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    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  13. homeriscool

    homeriscool Junior Member

    Jun 24, 2013
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    SEO, content creation , web design
    United Kingdom
    This is exactly what i am doing now in the uk. What i need to know though is if something goes wrong am i liable? and if i am how do i protect myself against this?