[Method]Create Own Macro Bot Without Coding(AMF) For Fast Indexing Of New Posts By Google

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    Hey guys today I will share my method of creating macro bots for AMF or any other like exchange sites. Its completely safe and zero risk of getting account banned on either YouTube or Facebook. AMF bot we will be coding can generate up to about 900-1000 Points Per Hour. Also many Addmefast bots and scripts are present over web but most of them are either paid or free ones not working.
    Remember You Can Create Any Simple Macro BOT with This Tut..

    Main Reason To Use AMF Bot:

    Its really hard to index posts for new site on Google without enough number of back links or social shares. If site is new we can easily index its post by mass social sharing but we can't do that manually with account. So, I used AMF for this as social shares are still working good for AMF instead of fake likes, followers or subs which doesn't stick to account.
    Twitter Retweets is one of best ways to get post indexed in Google Instantly.

    Advantage Of Free AMF BOT:
    This bot can help you to get huge numbers of social signals for free. It will save you quite good money.
    My main reason for creating AMF bot was social signals for fast indexing of my posts by Google. As site was new and Google was taking much time with less back links.

    AddMeFast Account - http://addmefast.com
    Jitbit Macro Recorder - https://www.jitbit.com/macro-recorder/
    Windows PC or VPS

    Now we are all good to start making our own Macro Bot for AddMeFast. Just follow steps below. This bot will be able to bypass even bot safe sections of AMF, I will tell you how to set timings of action and randomize actions.

    Create fake accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Stumble Upon for use with AMF.
    Step 2.
    Open Chrome Browser
    Login on AMF, Facebook, YouTube, Stumble Upon.
    Note: Facebook, YouTube, SU will generate max points from AMF.
    After Login Only Keep AMF Homepage open close rest of social media accounts Tabs.
    Step 3.
    Now we will record our actions with 2 different activity patterns.
    For First Pattern of Activities:
    Open Jitbit Macro Recorder.
    Start Recording Macro and do tasks given below like human user.
    Facebook Page Like >> Close Pop Up Right After 22secs >> AMF HomePage >> YouTube Subscribe >> Close PopUp After 23secs >> Facebook Follow >> Close Pop Up After 22secs >> AMF HomePage >> Stop Recording.
    Save this macro as .mcr file if you are using free version of Jitbit.

    For Second Pattern Of Activities Follow:
    YouTube Subscribe >> Close Pop Up After 23secs >> Facebook Follow >> Close Pop Up After 22secs >> AMF Homepage >> Stumble Upon Follow >> Close Pop Up After 22secs >> Facebook Page Like >> Close Pop Up After 23secs >> Stop Recording
    Save this macro as .mcr file if you are using free version of Jitbit.
    You can use premium version to save macro as .exe bot which will be more convinent.

    If You are not willing to purchase Jitbit Recorder you can download crack from torrent(At Your Own Risk).
    Make Sure Your Timing of Doing Above Actions is Accurate Or Points Will Not Get Credited.
    Now You have recorded your actions and AMF will not be able to identify if its user who is completing actions or BOT.

    Now to run Macro, All you need to do is start Chrome and Login on all Websites Given Above.
    Leave One Tab Open With AddMeFast Homepage. Start JitBit Recorder and run previously saved macro X times.

    Command To Run Macro X Times : CTRL+SHIFT+F5

    Only drawback of this bot is that you are not able do anything else on system while this BOT is running, So better use it on VPS or when PC is idle. Its for newbies who can't afford premium AMF bots or IMacros Script.
    I am running this on my spare PC which I never uses for about 8 HRS daily and generating good amount of points.
    This was amount of points in my newly created account after using this bot.
    Proof of shares

    Bonus Method:
    Make another set of AMF, FB, YouTube, SU accounts.
    Install Virtual Box and setup windows machine.
    Make AMF bot run on this virtual installation with help of proxy.
    But I would advise you use 2 AMF Bots per PC to avoid over usage of resources.

    Now I use these points for getting twitter retweets and pinterest repins for my new posts.
    For rest of time I have my AMF campgain for Homepage link retweet on Twitter.
    Its not only AMF bot which you can make but you can also make YouTube views bot with usage of proxies and bit of mind.

    1. AMF gets Banned?
    It will get banned if you log into both accounts from same PC, Or don't change activity pattern per 3 hrs.
    2. Facebook Account Gets Temp Banned?
    Using above pattern and you will not get banned if you are running bot for less than 12hrs a day, I have tested this but can't say for more than this.
    Or just create new account its not big deal.
    3. YouTube Not Able To Subscribe?
    Create new YouTube Channel using same Email Id and Bot starts working again.

    Hope you like this tut for newbies who can't afford to buy social signal services for various reasons..
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