[METHOD] BHW's First Ever Google Wave Method + Invites


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Nov 1, 2009
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I just thought I'd share a cool method for Google Wave. In this method I will show you how to get unlimited invites and then how to make money with them. It's easy so here it goes:


All you need is a Google Wave account and a hosting account with cpanel or an email forwarding service. I will post active invite links at the bottom of this thread.

So first go to cpanel and make 8 email accounts and forward them to you your main email account.

This is how you do that on cpanel. If you want to use a different email forwarding service then you're on your own:




so now that you've made those email accounts that all forward to your main account, invite them all to Google Wave through the invites that you get for signing up:


Once you've invited them just wait until you see this in your inbox:


then sign up for one of them with an alternative email account and keep the rest and repeat the process with the new wave account. Do this as much as you want and you will have as many wave invites as you can imagine!

Now you can sell these invites, give them aways, make people fill out CPA offers to get them. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some active sign-up links for Google Wave so you can get started. (they only work once):

If you got an invite from this thread please repost a fresh one.

Enjoy The Invites!

P.S. I'm working on a method on how to actually make money with Gwave directly and I will keep you updated

P.S.S. If you want to join the BHW Google Wave Group, let me know and I'll get you in.
Do anyone know places to sell google wave invites? (Apart from DP and warrior forum) I heard that there were people selling them in e-bay.

PS: Another thing, why complicating with hostings and email forwarding? Isn't the same to create an email account and receive the invitation there and rinse and repeat?
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It's so weird I have my account for weeks now and I don't see an invite tab
It's so weird I have my account for weeks now and I don't see an invite tab

You have to check your waves. They're like emails messages. One of them is for inviting your friends.
Odd...I asked for a invite from their site for months and nothing .
I got a new gmail account yesterday and in less than two hours they sent me a brand new wave account. I did not see that coming.
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