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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by jaguarslug, Jan 29, 2010.

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    I don't knwo if this method has been shared before here. But I just came up with this bright idea. Get 2 guys to pull articles from eza and articlebase and make 1 single article from different parts of several articles. The content would read like shit, but i'm sure google will like it.

    Make a blogger, and it has an option to check pop3 mailboxes and autopost mails in there. Configure different mailboxes for each blog, and send 3 to 5 articles to each of those addresses, and blogger will take care of the posting.

    Free pop? Hushmail ofcourse. And gmail. I wouldn't recommend gmail though, it has problems of its own.

    Is it any different from pasting the articles directly on your blog edit area than on the mail page? Well, not really, but if someone can conjure up a script to do this automatically and share it here, we might all have use for it.
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    This is possible with yahoo pipes.

    First you need to find the feed and combine two or three feeds together.

    You must find feeds a that accept targeted feeds... feeds based on keywords.

    AC dose that dont know if ABase does...

    Then change does feed to summary in your wordpress blog.

    Then install YAAB on another blog..(u need 2 spam blogs)

    Wordpress can run feed for each category so these two blogs can be used for hundreds of blogger blogs just put each blog on its own appropriate category.

    YAAB has a function to allow you pull feeds and combine them together this is called carnival mode...

    The only problem is that instead of choosin a random name from the list of post in the feed to call the syndicated post... it forces you to name the post ... a name for all post YAAB scrapes.

    IF Someone can modify YAAB.... so that when it post in carnival mode it choose any random title to call the post..

    JaguarSlug if you know PHP.... checkout YAAB , maybe you can modify it....

    That carnival function is the best for escaping duplicate content.