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    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to share this method for all the noobs out there that aren't making any money yet. This method involves an easy way to build a list and then promoting offers to that list.

    You can use most any forum for this, but there are a few out there that this is really effective on. Think IM forums, not blackhat.

    This will be a simple tutorial, put a twist on it if you would like.

    Step 1: Create a free report!

    This really isn't that hard. There are TONS of WSO's, reports, etc... out there than you can rewrite in your own words. Be sure to truly re-write it so it is unique. You can crank this out in a couple hours at most. Make sure it is an effective method.

    *TWIST* Make sure the method you give away in your report requires a few tools that cost $$$. When you link to the tools in the report, use your affiliate link to get some extra income.

    Step 2: Advertise!

    Most forums allow you to post a link in your signature. Make it attractive so people click on it. This is going to be a squeeze page. In order to recieve the free report, they have to subscribe to your email list. People love free stuff, so make sure the report is GOOD. If you give out great information at first, then the stuff they have to BUY must be totally awesome. A little bit of psychology here.

    You gotta sign up for a autoresponder here so that when people subcribe to your list to get the report, it is sent to them automatically.

    This will build your list quite fast and then you will have an ATM with unlimited cash flow at your fingertips.

    Step 3: Profit!

    This is the fun part. I have my autoresponder set up for 20 different emails, promoting a product every fourth email. It helps if you have a blog setup where you discuss methods on how to make money online that you can link to in your emails. Make sure you provide VALUE in every email. You will see much better results.

    Step 4: Continue building!

    *TWIST* Continue to give away free reports. Once you have a list that is large, offer them a FREE report, again, on a certain niche. Let's say your report was on Clickbank. That doesn't mean that everyone on that specific list is interested only in clickbank. They might be interested in CPA, Offline, Websites, etc... Offer a free report to your MAIN list on a different money-making niche, lets say CPA. But, they must subscribe to a seperate list, which in this case would be your CPA list. Then, you can promote CPA related products, eg: how to make money with CPA to this list. You can do this over and over, and build many lists with many thousands of subscribers.

    I hope this gets some wheels turning around here. Remember, IM is EASY, you just have to have your head in the right spot. :)

    Reply with questions, and click that Thanks button!
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    Very interesting, thanks for the method.
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    I'm really surprised this thread didn't get more love. There is a little bit of work involved but for people here who whine about trying to make $20/day, this is a great place to start. Rewrite a WSO, build a landing page, set up an autoresponder, write 4 mass emails, and start posting on forums with your link in the signature. Simple enough.