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    Who do I send this to?
    Well written no?


    This letter hopefully will be an eye opener to the type of experience possible when it comes to working with PayPal. It is such a disappointing experience because I have been with PayPal for 10 years and they have this narcissism about there decision to permanently ban me from using there payment processor, like I don't deserve to be with their company. Here's why I am so upset, and I'd like to hear some feedback so I know I'm not the only one who feels this is disorientating and rude.

    My business model was not perfect and I did land up creating a bit of a mess that involved refunds and a couple disputes on the buying end and the selling end. PayPal clearly just didn't like my business model and is claiming its high risk. They made an easy decision to stop me from using PayPal for life. "They are trying to protect there customers and provide a good experience" I am understanding of that and couldn't agree more.

    A month ago my account was closed due to me being underage at the creation of the account. Yes I was 12 and yes it took PayPal 10 years and 30+ thousand dollars in transactions to do anything about it. I immediately experienced 21 day holds for the first time in my life. This created an environment where I was forced to refund some of those funds because I wouldn't be able to source the products. PayPal themselves created the need for issued refunds. Yes I had some other complaints that led to the ban of the account, though I would say it's only fair if this happened temporarily. I have to change a couple things and it won't happen again, let alone shouldn't have me banned for life from PayPal.

    I've come to a conclusion that it's the customer service rep's week self esteem in the company that makes he or she not want to help me out. They see some notes in the computer and they don't want to deviate from the malicious attacks towards me that have been made in the system.

    I won't give up, if it means I have to become the president of PayPal before I can have non restricted account access. Only one or two customer service reps were gunning for me having the account re established with the right proof of my business model, they agreed it was a complicated situation and not my fault completely. I now am looking for that possibility and can't get more than a " the best thing for you to do is get another payment processor " My thought on this, is no it's not. The best thing for me to do is et my account back even if it's as hard as it will be for you to get your next promotion, and with that attitude you probably won't.

    PayPal is great and I'm all about branding.

    I would hate to have botched the opportunity to do business with them with one bad experience.

    I would appreciate to hear something positive in response. I live in California, so I could take this to headquarters.

    Appreciate the compassion and understanding, I'm not being sarcastic.

    Sincerely ,

    ***** ***** *****
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    Here's the president of PayPal:

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    Just move on forget paypal use a diffrent service

    payeer was recomended to me

    paypal so big and hold millions back from people
    not worth the argument ,

    if it works it works otherwise move on.

    there a paypal service on here that might help ask!

    good luck mate , never put all you eggs in one barsket ok.
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    been there done this does not work