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    Hi. I'm new here so forgive me if this has already been asked. I did a bunch of searches and can't find the info, so I'll ask here.

    Is there a section on here for making money with forums (message boards) or is it just spread out all over?

    I've noticed there are some forums that make good money from advertising sponsors and vendors.

    These are mostly niche type forums, with a community of people who share a common interest and are into certain products or services. They buy like crazy, so it's easy money for sponsors and vendors to pay to have a section on the forum.

    The hard part is how to start a new one and get those members to sign up at the forum. Paid forum posters won't work because you really have to know what you are talking about and really be into those products.

    I have some ideas that I believe will work very well. Does anyone have any experience in this area?