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    As a BHW member since 2008, I?ve seen a lot of posts around people asking about payment processing and billing solutions for businesses and merchants that are unfairly categorized as high-risk or that otherwise find it challenging to retain traditional merchant processing and ACH billing solutions.

    Like many of you, I have experienced the pain and frustration of having my accounts and money frozen, unfair charge-backs and account termination / closure.

    Recently I was introduced to a 100% legal, U.S. based, invitation-only billing solution which intentionally operates outside of the jurisdiction and oversight of the Merchant and NACHA ecosystem to afford merchants drama-free payment collection and operational longevity. The billing solution can be used to securely collect payments for virtually any product or service, including the following:

    Cash Advance / Payday Loan
    Credit Repair
    Virus / Malware Removal
    Men?s Heath Products
    Diet Aids
    Vapor / Smoke Products
    Adult Websites / products / services

    This system can be seamlessly integrated with call centers as well as most, if not all online shopping cart and CRM solutions through a robust API. It can also be used for recurring / subscription based payments. It can be used as a stand-alone system or added on as an option to an existing payment system.

    The key benefits of this system are as follows:

    1) This solution creates equilibrium between the merchant and customer that's currently unavailable in the traditional merchant processing or ACH world. Chargebacks are challenging for a customer to initiate as the customer is required to execute an affidavit under threat of perjury at their bank claiming goods and / or services were not delivered. Proof of authorization or fulfillment from the merchant largely stops any chargeback attempts while NSF's (declined authorizations) do not negatively affect the merchants standings, regardless of frequency.

    2) By operating outside of the merchant (Visa/MC/Amex) and ACH rails, merchants are fully insulated from regulatory boards or large merchant syndicates indiscriminately shutting or blocking payments to industries deemed high risk or controversial.

    3) All billing transactions reflect the name (descriptor) of the Merchant?s business; solution provider checks specify you, the advertiser, as the payee thus eliminating confusion at the customer?s bank and contributing to a seamless billing transaction.

    This is not my business nor am I an affiliate for this service. I have been using this solution for just under 5 months now without issue and I thought I would share this solution with members of this forum who have experienced the same issues I have experienced with billing solutions (cough..PayPal..cough). This is not to be thought of as a solution for fraud, theft or blatantly illegal transactions.

    As I stated earlier, it is currently by invitation-only. If you would like more information, PM me and I can make an introduction but keep in mind, the invite decision is not up to me.
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