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    This article is taken from my blog which I won't be linking to as that's not the point of sharing; I'm interested in what you guys think of this.

    Everyone is familiar with the concept of blog comments, forum profiles and directories but these types of back links don't carry much weight and are increasingly difficult (debatable) to get due to services like Akismet.

    I've used well crafted, content relevant, spun comments in programs such as Scrapebox with only a little success (success being defined by ranking in the top 3) and some of my mini sites have 25,000 - 50,000 back links and rank very well in Yahoo & Bing but are nowhere to be seen in Google... it's interesting to see but I care very little where I rank in those other 2 search engines, it's nice to have but whatever.

    Again, the concept I'm going to share is nothing new nor do I take credit for it but the reason I mention it is because reading about something or being told is completely different to implementing it and seeing real results for yourself. From that point you tweak things, try new things, run tests and see what works best.

    So what have I been doing to get others to build back links for me? Using new but popular memes and Google. Meme sites are a pretty good source for this sort of stuff. I'm not trying to rank for the meme but simply get an image show up in the serps for the keyword.

    A heavily optimised article (title, image alt text, file name etc etc all in the name the meme is known by) about the picture seems to do the trick most of the time. This is an image listing in the serps and not Google images by the way.

    Here is an example from my analytics account for one example.


    I was averaging about 10-20 visits a day prior to implementing this strategy and I'm now getting between 200-300. In a period of one month that has translated into almost 1000 back links to the image, the post that mentions the image and the domain itself. Prior to doing this, I had a around 20.

    Now, I guess the question is do these type of links carry any type of value? I'm not sure in all honesty. They're not anchor text links so it might not help much for ranking for specific keywords but may help build authority to the site in question which will gain PR and can then be used to link to other domains I own.

    Many of the links are people posting/linking the image in forum threads or linking to it from their own website instead of hosting it on their own server.

    I have an idea to include html code to link to the image with my anchor text like many sites do with info graphics that are popular on sites such as digg. It might work, it might not. I won't know until I test it.