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    I have created this thread hoping to find people who can create content for an upcoming course training website similar to The content will mainly orientate around marketing, business, design, software and coding. The concept behind the website is simple. There will be a number of training courses on various subjects which will cost a set amount. The user then can choose to purchase a course. Once purchased, the user can participate in private/forums groups on that course while reading/watching the course materials. To get a deeper understanding of the concept you may want to go to

    All the courses are to be run by instructors such as yourself. I am initially looking for 10 instructors to create at least 1 course each about their area of expertise. As an instructor, you get the chance to create a course about the subject you like, choose the price of the course and earn money from thousands of students that choose to take it. Commissions are based on how many you sell over the last 6 months. You can see the image below for a visual reference.


    You may also create coupon codes to give out which means you get to keep 15% more of your earnings. You will have a much better chance to earn at the beginning as weekly newsletters to all students will include all of the current courses. The first 10 instructors on the site will also get added bonuses. You can choose to either teach the students through video or through text. You also get to choose the pricing of the course, communicate with your students and run quizzes throughout the course.

    You can see some mock up screenshots below of what the site will roughly look and function like:



    If you are interested in becoming an instructor then please let me know. Remember the first 10 enjoy bonuses!