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Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by johnjohn123, Aug 29, 2012.

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    I have a very high quality product/service that I've designed over the past several years. Built it entirely from the ground up and did all the grassroots marketing for it (just simple stuff). Currently generates 20-30k profit per year but I want to scale it up. The total market for this type of product is around 3 million. It is oriented towards high school aged people. Their parents pay for the product to help their kids out in school. Product is currently priced at 10$ and it is very competitive with similar products.

    Basically I need to hire affiliates to help promote the product. The commission would be around 30%.

    I use joomla 2.5 and ose membership (payment processing). Any advice on how to get an affiliate system going or do I have to go through a certain site? Totally new to affiliate marketing.
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    Hi there!

    glad to know about your product. i have been personally been using Post Affiliate Pro for setting up and running my affiliate program. It's easy to install and their support team is excellent and has helped us through many down-times due to our server side errors like expired SSLs,etc and they have been patient and helpful all the way through..

    i can offer to set it up for u as a service too..
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    Might be nice if you stop replying to every thread about affiliate marketing software with your affiliate link. If you want to advertise your affiliate link, you need to pay for Donor or Jr VIP. I know you just want to make some money, but we don't allow people to do blackhat against our own members. You need to pay for advertising affiliate links, or at the very least make it clear you are putting your affiliate link, and then also put a regular non-affiliate link.

    Here are the other threads you did the same thing: