member haidhilip is a scammer

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    Just want to say that I pm'ed Pofecker and Oldenstylehats separately, a few days apart, before making this thread. I never heard back from either so...

    Over two weeks ago I bought some accounts (can't say what kind as they are taboo here now) from him. A few hiccups and the exchange was decent. Then we settled on a long term agreement for a certain amount of accounts a month. We agreed on half upfront and the rest when they were ready. So I sent the first half for 10 accounts. A week or so later he pm'ed me on yahoo messenger and said the accounts were ready.
    So I sent the final payment and waited for the account details. Nothing came and it was hard to get him online. Then after two weeks of chasing him he stated that his "friend" that was making the accounts had called him and told him not to panic. This was on a friday. So I waited the weekend and finally got a hold of haidhilip again. He stated that he was outside his friends complex and told me told wait a sec. That was a week ago. Now I never see him online.

    I should also mention that haidhilip also stated that he was going to refund my money. He was sending money to his paypal account and asked for my paypal account, which I gave him.

    No money ever showed up. That was around 10 days ago.

    So basically I am out the $1700. Not a lot of money, but still annoying.

    I have the chat logs from our conversations and also the receipts for the money sent which I can send to any mod or admin that needs to see them.

    Honestly, I just understand why someone would scam for $1700 when the potential for so much more money is there.

    He is a member on DIM, blackhatmachine and others as well (though he said he is good friends with Cory so nothing can happen to him on DIM). So beware.

    As a note, I have his address and his "friends" address if someone lives in India. I would pay good money for someone to remind him that it is not always good to rip people off.

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    PM me his address .. I can get his ass fucked if he lives in my city..