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    Edit by Jazzc: Op sent me the links, I 've put them on pastebin:



    Wrox - Professional Javaâ„¢, JDKâ„¢, Fifth Edition (2005) - ISBN 0764574868.pdf
    Wrox - Professional Javaâ„¢, JDKâ„¢, Sixth Edition (2007) - ISBN 0471777102.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Advanced CORBA� Programming with C++, First Edition (1999) - ISBN 0201379279.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Algorithims In Java (Parts 1-4) 3rd Edition (2002) - ISBN 0201361205.chm
    Addison Wesley - Algorithims In Java, Graph Algorithms (Part 5) 3rd Edition (2003) - ISBN 0201361213.chm
    Addison Wesley - Applying Enterprise JavaBeansâ„¢Component-Based Development for the J2EEâ„¢ Platform, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0201914662.chm
    Addison Wesley - Building Scalable and High-Performance Java Web Applications Using J2EE Technology (2001)- ISBN 0201729563.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Concurrent Programming in Javaâ„¢ Design Principles and Patterns, Second Edition (1999) - ISBN 0201310090.chm
    Addison Wesley - Core JavaServerâ„¢ Faces (2004) - ISBN 0131463055.chm
    Addison Wesley - Design Patterns Javaâ„¢ Workbook (2002) - ISBN 0201743973.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0201738295.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications A Guide for Java Developers (2004) - ISBN 0321268636.chm
    Addison Wesley - Dot NET For Java Developers Migrating To C Sharp (2003) - ISBN 0672324024.chm
    Addison Wesley - Eclipse Rich Client Platform Designing, Coding, and Packaging Javaâ„¢ Applications (2005) - ISBN 0321334612.chm
    Addison Wesley - Effective Enterprise Java (2004) - ISBN 0321130006.chm
    Addison Wesley - Effective Java, Programming Language Guide, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0201310058.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Enterprise Java Security Building Secure J2EE Applications (2004) - ISBN 0321118898.chm
    Addison Wesley - Enterprise Java™ Programming with IBM� WebSphere�, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 032118579X.chm
    Addison Wesley - From Java to C Sharp A Developers Guide (2003) - ISBN 0321136225.chm
    Addison Wesley - Inside Javaâ„¢ 2 Platform Security Architecture, API Design, and Implementation, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0201787911.chm
    Addison Wesley - Java and JMX-Building Manageable Systems (2002) - ISBN 0672324083.chm
    Addison Wesley - Java Concurrency In Practice (2006) - ISBN 0321349601.chm
    Addison Wesley - Java Data Objects (2003) - ISBN 0321123808.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Java Design Patterns A tutorial (2000) - ISBN 0201485397.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Java Performance And Scalability Volume 1 Server-Side Programming Techniques (2000) - ISBN 0201704293.chm
    Addison Wesley - Java Puzzlers - Traps, Pitfalls, And Corner Cases (2005) - ISBN 032133678X.chm
    Addison Wesley - Java Server Pages, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0321150791.chm
    Addison Wesley - Java Tutorial, Thirth Edition - A Short Course on the Basics (2000) - ISBN 0201703939.chm
    Addison Wesley - JavaServer Pages, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0321150791.chm
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Platform and Component Specifications (2000) - ISBN 0201704560.chm
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Development on PDAs Building Applications for PocketPC and Palm Devices (2003) - ISBN 0201719541.chm
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Language Specification, Third Edition (2005) - ISBN 0321246780.chm
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Look and Feel Design Guidelines Advanced Topics, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0201775824.chm
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Look and Feel Design Guidelines Advanced Topics, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0201775824.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Look and Feel Design Guidelines, Second Edition (1999) - ISBN 0201725886.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Native Interface Programmer's Guide and Specification, First Edition (1999) - ISBN 0201325772.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Network Programming and Distributed Computing (2002) - ISBN 0201710374.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Javaâ„¢ Studio Creator Field Guide (2004) - ISBN 0131491687.chm
    Addison Wesley - Just Javaâ„¢ 2, Sixth Edition (2004) - ISBN 0131482114.chm
    Addison Wesley - LDAP Programming with Javaâ„¢ (2000) - ISBN 0201657589.pdf
    Addison Wesley - Micro Javaâ„¢ Game Development (2002) - ISBN 0672323427.pdf
    Addison Wesley - MIDP 2.0 Style Guide for the Javaâ„¢ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (2003) - ISBN 0321198018.chm
    Addison Wesley - Performance Analysis for Javaâ„¢ Web Sites (2002) - ISBN 0201844540.chm
    Addison Wesley - Processing XML with Java (2002) - ISBN 0201771861.chm
    Addison Wesley - Programmer's Guide to Javaâ„¢ Certification, A Comprehensive Primer, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0201728281.chm
    Addison Wesley - Programming for the Javaâ„¢ Virtual Machine (1999)- ISBN 0201309726.chm
    Addison Wesley - Programming Wireless Devices with the Javaâ„¢ 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0321197984.chm
    Addison Wesley - Python Programming with the Javaâ„¢ Class Libraries, A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications with Jython (2002) - ISBN 0201616165.chm
    Addison Wesley - Servlets and JavaServer Pagesâ„¢ The J2EEâ„¢ Technology Web Tier (2003) - ISBN 0321136497.chm
    Addison Wesley - The Design Patterns Java Companion (1998).pdf
    Addison Wesley - The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming with Java and UML (2001).pdf
    Addison Wesley - THE Javaâ„¢ Programming Language, Fourth Edition (2005) - ISBN 0321349806.chm
    Addison Wesley - The Javaâ„¢ Tutorial A Short Course on the Basics, Fourth Edition (2006) - ISBN 0321334205.chm
    Addison Wesley - XML and Java Developing Web Applications, First Edition (1999) - ISBN 0201485435.chm
    Addison Wesley - XML and Java Developing Web Applications, Second Edition (2002) - ISBN 0201770040.chm
    Apress - Beginning Java EE 5, From Novice to Professional (2006)- ISBN 1590594703.pdf
    Apress - Beginning JSP 2 From Novice to Professional (2004) - ISBN 1590593391.chm
    Apress - Bluetooth For Java (2003) - ISBN 1590590783.pdf
    Apress - Enterprise Java for SAP (2003)- ISBN 1590590988.chm
    Apress - Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1 (2003) - ISBN 1590590880.chm
    Apress - Foundations Of Java For ABAP Programmers (2006) - ISBN 1590596250.pdf
    Apress - Java Collections (2001) - ISBN 1893115925.pdf
    Apress - Java Persistence for Relational Databases (2003) - ISBN 1590590716.chm
    Apress - Java Regular Expressions Taming the java.util.regex Engine (2004) - ISBN 1590591070.chm
    Apress - Javaâ„¢ 6 Platform Revealed (2006) - ISBN 1590596609.pdf
    Apress - Logging In Java with the JDK 1.4 Logging API and Apache log4j (2003) - ISBN 1590590996.chm
    Apress - Pro Ajax And Java (2006) - ISBN 1590596773.pdf
    Apress - Pro EJB 3 Java Persistence API (2006) - ISBN 1590596455.pdf
    Apress - Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management And Optimization (2006) - ISBN 1590596102.pdf
    Apress - Pro Java ME MMAPI (2006) - ISBN 1590596390.pdf
    Apress - Pro XML Development with Javaâ„¢ Technology (2006) - ISBN 1590597060.pdf
    Apress - Professional Java Servlets 2.3 (2003) - ISBN 186100561X.chm
    Apress - The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots (2006) - ISBN 1590595564.pdf
    Apress - Using and Understanding Java Data Objects (2003) - ISBN 1590590430.chm
    Apress - Wireless Java Developing with J2ME, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 1590590775.chm
    Apress - Wireless Java Developing with Java 2, Micro Edition (2001) - ISBN 189311550X.chm
    Black Art Of Java Game Programming
    Borland - Enterprise Javabeans Developer's guide (1997).pdf
    Borland - Getting Started with Java (1997).pdf
    Borland - Learning Java� with JBuilder™ (1997).pdf
    Bruno R. Preiss - Data Structures And Algorithms With Object-oriented Design Patterns In Java (1999).chm
    Building a Java applet.pdf
    Cambridge University Press - Fundamentals of OOP and Data Structures in Java (2001) - ISBN 52166220 6.pdf
    Cambridge University Press - Java Frameworks And Components Accelerate Your Web Application Development (2003) - ISBN 0521520592.chm
    Charles River Media - Object-Oriented.Programming From Problem Solving to Java (2003) - ISBN 1584502878.chm
    client server computing
    corba networking with java
    Creating Web Applets 1996.rar
    Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java (1998) - ISBN 0471346136.chm
    design java apps with uml
    design patterns in java (pdf,src)
    Developing Intranet Applications With Java 1998.rar
    developing intranet applications with java 1999.pdf
    Developing Java Applications, A tutorial.pdf
    Developing Professional Java Applets 1998.rar
    Essentials of the Javaâ„¢ Programming Language A Hands-On Guide, Part 1 (2000).pdf
    Essentials of the Javaâ„¢ Programming Language A Hands-On Guide, Part 2 (2000).pdf
    Generics in the Java Programming Language (2004).pdf
    hacking java
    hacking java - the java professional's resource kit
    Hungry Minds - Java 2 Bible Enterprise Edition (2002) - ISBN 0764508822.pdf
    Hungry Minds - Java Data Access JDBC, JNDI, and JAXP (2002) - ISBN 0764548648.pdf
    Hungry Minds - Wireless Programming in J2ME, Cracking the code (2002).pdf
    IBM - Java 2 Network Security, Second Edition (1999).pdf
    IBM DeveloperWorks Java Debugging.pdf
    IBM DeveloperWorks Java Sockets.pdf
    Implementing Java Generics (2004).pdf
    Intranet Applications With Java 1999.rar
    Introduction to Java IO.pdf
    Java and the Java Virtual Machine (2001) - ISBN 3540420886.pdf
    Java By Example 1996.rar
    Java Certification Guide
    Java CGI how to (1998).pdf
    java coding standards (2000).pdf
    Java Cryptography with Examples
    Java Developers Guide 1998.rar
    java developer's guide
    Java Developers Reference 1996.rar
    java development kit documentation 1.1.8_003
    Java Examples in a Nutshell.3rd ed
    Java Game Programming For Dummies (1998).pdf
    java in a nutshell 1997.rar
    java in a nutshell
    Java Networking & AWT API SuperBible.pdf
    Java P2P jxta reference implementation.pdf
    Java Performance Tuning
    Java Programming Guide - Quick Reference.pdf
    Java Programming Unleashed.pdf
    Java Quick Reference.pdf
    java reference library
    java secrets 1997.rar
    Java Software Solutions - ISBN 0321322037.pdf
    java threads 2nd
    Java Unleashed 1998.rar
    java xml
    Javaâ„¢ Studio Creator Field Guide, Second Edition (2004).pdf
    Jones and Bartlett - Data Structures in Java, A Laboratory Course (2002) - ISBN 0763718165.pdf
    Jones and Bartlett - Introduction To Cryptography With Java Applets (2003) - ISBN 0763722073.pdf
    Jones and Bartlett - Introduction to Java and Software Design (2002) - ISBN 0763720305.pdf
    Jones and Bartlett - Object Oriented Data Structures Using Java (2002) - ISBN 0763710792.pdf
    Jones and Bartlett - Programming and Problem Solving With Java (2003) - ISBN 0763704903.pdf
    Learning Java
    Manning - Art of Java Web Development (2004)- ISBN 1932394060.pdf
    Manning - Bitter Java (2002) - ISBN 193011043X.pdf
    Manning - EJB Cookbook (2003) - ISBN 1930110944.pdf
    Manning - Instant Messaging in Java (2002) - ISBN 1930110464.pdf
    Manning - Java 2 Micro Edition (2002) - ISBN 1930110332.pdf
    Manning - Java 3d Programming.pdf
    Manning - Java Development with Ant (2003) - ISBN 1930110588.pdf
    Manning - Java Persistence With Hibernate (2006) - ISBN 1932394885.pdf
    Manning - Server-Based Java Programming (2000) - ISBN 1884777716.pdf
    Manning - Web Development with JavaServer Pages (2000).pdf
    Manning - Web Development with JavaServer pages, Second edition (2002).pdf
    MC Press - Building Applications with IBM WebSphere Studio and JavaBeans A Guided Tour (2003) - ISBN 1931182140.chm
    McGraw-Hill - Abstract Data Types in Java (1998) - ISBN 0079132707.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Java 2 The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition (2002) - ISBN 007222858X .pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Java J2ME The Complete Reference (2003) - ISBN 0072227109.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Javaâ„¢ A Beginner's Guide (2003) - ISBN 0072225882.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Javaâ„¢ A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition (2005) - ISBN 00722318900.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - The Art Of Java (2003) - ISBN 0072229713.pdf
    Morgan Kaufmann - Java Web Services Architecture (2003) - ISBN 1558609008.chm
    Morgan Kaufmann - Unit Testing in Java How Tests Drive the Code (2003) - ISBN 1558608680.chm
    New Riders - Developing Games In Java (2003) - ISBN 1592730051.chm
    New Riders - Java 2 Certification Training Guide (1999) - ISBN 1562059505.pdf
    New Riders - Java for the Web with Servlets, JSP, and EJB A Developer's Guide to J2EE Solutions (2002) - ISBN 073571195X.chm
    New Riders - Jython for Java Programmers (2001) - ISBN 0735711119.chm
    New Riders - XML, XSLT, Javaâ„¢, and JSPâ„¢ A Case Study in Developing a Web Application, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0735710899.pdf
    No Starch Press - Wicked Cool Java, Code Bits, Open-Source Libraries, And Project Ideas (2005).pdf
    ORB Portability IDL Java Language Mapping (1998).pdf
    O'Reilly - Ajax on Java (2007) - ISBN 0596101872.chm
    O'Reilly - Ant The Definitive Guide (2002).pdf
    O'Reilly - Better Faster Lighter Java (2004) - ISBN  0596006764.chm
    O'Reilly - Better Faster Lighter Java (2004) - ISBN  0596006764.pdf
    O'Reilly - Beyond Java (2005) - 0596100949.chm
    O'Reilly - Building Javaâ„¢ Enterprise Applications Volume I Architecture (2002) - ISBN 0569001231.pdf
    O'Reilly - Creating Effective JavaHelp (2000) - ISBN 1565927192.pdf
    O'Reilly - Database Porgramming With Jdbc And Java, Second Edition (2000).pdf
    O'Reilly - Developing Java Beans (1997).pdf
    O'Reilly - Eclipse, A Java Developer'S Guide (2004) - ISBN 0596006411.chm
    O'Reilly - Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, Fifth Edition (2006) - ISBN 059600978X.chm
    O'Reilly - Enterprise JavaBeans, Fouth Edition (2004) - ISBN 059600530X.chm
    O'Reilly - Enterprise Javabeans, Third Edition (2001).pdf
    O'Reilly - Hardcore Java (2004) - ISBN 0596005687.chm
    O'Reilly - J2EE Design Patterns (2003) - ISBN 0596004273.chm
    O'Reilly - J2ME in a Nutshell (2002) - ISBN 059600253X.pdf
    O'Reilly - Jakarta Struts (2002).pdf
    O'Reilly - Java 1.5 Tiger A Developer's Notebook (2004) - ISBN 0596007388.chm
    O'Reilly - Java 2D Graphics (1999).pdf
    O'Reilly - Java & XML, 2nd Edition (2001) - ISBN 0596001975.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java & XSLT, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0596001436.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java And Soap (2002) - ISBN 0596001754.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java And XML (2000).pdf
    O'Reilly - Java and XML Data Binding, First Edition (2002) - ISBN 0596002785.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java and XML, Third Edition (2006) - ISBN 059610149X.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Cookbook (2001) - ISBN 0596001703.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Cookbook, Second Edition (2004) - ISBN 0596007019.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Cryptography (1998) - ISBN 1565924029.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Data Objects (2003) - ISBN 0596002769.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Database Best Practices (2003) - ISBN 0596005229.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Distributed Computing.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Enterprise In A Nutshell, Third Edition (2005) - ISBN 0596101422.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Examples In A Nutshell, Third Edition (2004) - ISBN 0596006209.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Extreme Programming Cookbook (2003) - ISBN 0596003870.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Extreme Programming Cookbook (2003) - ISBN 0596003870.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Generics And Collections (2006) - ISBN 0596527756.chm
    O'Reilly - Java In A Nutshell, Fifth Edition (2002) - ISBN 0596007736.chm
    O'Reilly - Java In A Nutshell, Second Edition (1997) - ISBN 156592262X.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java IO (1999) - ISBN 1565924851.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java IO, 2nd Edition (2006) - ISBN 0596527500.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Management Extensions (2002) - ISBN 0596002459.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Message Service, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0596000685.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Network Programming, Second edition.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Network Programming, Third Edition (2004) - ISBN 0596007213.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Performance Tuning (2000) - ISBN 0596000154.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Performance Tuning, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0596003773.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Programming with CORBA (2001) - ISBN 0471376817.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Programming with Oracle JDBC (2002) - ISBN 059600088X.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Programming with Oracle SQLJj, First Edition (2001) - ISBN 0596000871.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Reference Library 1.3, Second Edition (1997) - ISBN 156592262X.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java RMI (2001) - ISBN 1565924525.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Security, Second Edition.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook (2004) - ISBN 0596005725.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Servlet Programming, First Edition (1998) - ISBN 156592391X.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Swing (1998).pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Swing, Second Edition (2003) - ISBN 0596004087.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Threads, Second Edition (1999) - ISBN 1565924185.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Threads, Third Edition (2004) - ISBN 0596007825.chm
    O'Reilly - Java Threads, Third Edition (2004) - ISBN 0596007825.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Web Services (2002) - ISBN 0596002696.pdf
    O'Reilly - Java Web services in a Nutshell (2003) - ISBN 0596003994.chm
    O'Reilly - JavaServer Faces (2004) - ISBN 0596005393.chm
    O'Reilly - JavaServer Pages (2000) - ISBN 156592746X.pdf
    O'Reilly - JavaServer Pages Pocket Reference.pdf
    O'Reilly - JavaServer Pages, Second Edition (2002) - ISBN 059600317X.pdf
    O'Reilly - JavaServer Pages, Third Edition (2003) - ISBN 0596005636.chm
    O'Reilly - Javaâ„¢ Extreme Programming Cookbook (2003) - ISBN 0596003870.chm
    O'Reilly - Javaâ„¢ NIO (2002) - ISBN 0596002882.pdf
    O'Reilly - Javaâ„¢ Servlet Programming, First Edition (1998) - ISBN 156592391X.pdf
    O'Reilly - JBoss 3.2 Workbook for Enterprise Javabeans, Third Edition (2003).pdf
    O'Reilly - Killer Game Programming in Java (2005) - ISBN 0596007302.chm
    O'Reilly - Learning Java, First Edition (2000) - ISBN 1565927184.pdf
    O'Reilly - Learning Java, Second Edition (2002) - ISBN 0596002858.chm
    O'Reilly - Learning Java, Third Edition (2005) - ISBN 0596008732.chm
    O'Reilly - Learning Wireless Java (2001) - ISBN 0596002432.pdf
    O'Reilly - Mac OSX For Java Geeks (2003) - ISBN 0596004001.chm
    O'Reilly - Mastering Regular Expressions in Java, Second Edition.pdf
    O'Reilly - Programming Jakarta Struts, Second Edition (2004).chm
    O'Reilly - QuickTime for Java A Developer's Notebook (2005) - ISBN 0596008228.chm
    O'Reily - Java Enterprise In A Nutshell  - ISBN 1565924835.pdf
    Packt - JasperReports For Java Developers (2006) - ISBN 1904811906.pdf
    Practical Java Message Service An Introduction to concepts and a guide to developing applications.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Advanced Java 2 How to Program ,fourth Edition (2001) - ISBN 0130341517.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Advanced Java Networking ,Second Edition (2002) - ISBN 0130844667.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Applied Java Patterns (2001)- ISBN 0130935387.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Core J2MEâ„¢ Technology & MIDP (2001) - ISBN 0130669113.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Core Javaâ„¢ 2 Volume I - Fundamentals, Fifth Edition (2000) - ISBN 0130894680.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Core Javaâ„¢ 2 Volume I - Fundamentals, Seventh Edition (2004) - ISBN 0131482025.chm
    Prentice Hall - Core Javaâ„¢ 2 Volume II - Advanced Features, Fifth Edition (2001).PDF
    Prentice Hall - Core Javaâ„¢ 2 Volume II - Advanced Features, Seventh Edition (2004) - ISBN 0131118269.chm
    Prentice Hall - Core Javaâ„¢ Data Objects (2003) - ISBN 0131407317.chm
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    Prentice Hall - Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2005) - ISBN 0131469142.chm
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    Prentice Hall - Wireless J2MEâ„¢ Platform Programming (2002) - ISBN 0130449148.pdf
    programming java using jbuilder
    Programming Primer for Object-Oriented and Procedural Languages (2001).pdf
    Pulp Free Press - Java For Artists The Art Philosophy And Science Of Object Oriented Programming (2006) - ISBN 1932504052.chm
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    Pascal Fundamentals



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    HTML & XML


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    Visual Basic

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    D3d / Open GL


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    [COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Borland[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Kylix[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]for[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Linux[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] developer[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s guide.pdf[/COLOR]
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    Delphi 5 - Entwicklerhandbuch.pdf
    Delphi 2005 - Reference.pdf
    Delphi 5 - Mastering Delphi 5 - Chapter 22 - Graphics.pdf
    Delphi 2005 - Reviewer'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Guide[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Threads[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] mit [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Borland[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]in[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]14[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] days[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]InterBase[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]User[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s Guide - Delphi for Windows.pdf
    Delphi - Marco Cantu'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Essential[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]7[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Component[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Writer[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s Guide.pdf
    Delphi 5 - Sprachreferenz.pdf
    Delphi 6 - Mastering Delphi 6.pdf
    Delphi - 20 Rules for OOP in Delphi.pdf
    Delphi - The Tomes of Delphi - Algorithms and Data Structures.pdf
    Delphi - Delphi Technical Reference Card 7.22.pdf
    Delphi 7 - VCLHierarchyPoster.pdf
    Delphi - Delphi User'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Guide[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]for[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Windows[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]6[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Wie[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] baue ich mir einen [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Chat[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]7[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Tutorial[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Creating[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] a CLX [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Database[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Application[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Essential[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]8[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]for[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]NET [/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Chapter[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]3[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]The[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Language[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]The[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Tomes[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] of [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Win32[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Core[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] API [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Windows[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]2000[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Edition[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]in[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] a [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Nutshell[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Database[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Application[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Developer[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s Book - Delphi for Windows.pdf
    Delphi - The Tomes of Delphi - Basic 32-Bit Communications Programming.pdf
    Delphi - Using ADO from Delphi.pdf
    Delphi - Stored Procedures - Part 1.pdf
    Delphi - Delphi Developer'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Guide[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] to [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]OpenGL[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]5[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]5[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Referenz[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] und [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Praxis[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Fundamentals[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] of [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Database[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Development[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]in[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600],[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] C[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]++[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Vergleich[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] und [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Visual[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] C[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]++.[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]7[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Developer[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s Guide.pdf
    Delphi 5 - Object Pascal Language Guide.pdf
    Delphi 6 - Einf�hrung.pdf
    Delphi - Getting started with SQL - Part 1.pdf
    Delphi 7 - ASTA v3.0 for Delphi 7 - Manual.pdf
    Delphi - SQL Links for Windows User'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Guide[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]for[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Windows[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]5[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Referenz[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] und [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Praxis[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]6[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Programmer[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s Choice - (deutsch).pdf
    Delphi - Delphi Component Writer'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Guide[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]for[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Windows[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Creating[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] a [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Database[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Application[/COLOR][COLOR=#000088]using[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]6[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Borland[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Delphi[/COLOR][COLOR=#006666]6[/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Developer[/COLOR][COLOR=#008800]'s Guide.pdf
    Delphi 5 - Einf�hrung.pdf
    Delphi - Tutorial - Creating a Text Editor using Delphi.pdf
    Delphi - Delphi Developer's Guide to XML.pdf
    Delphi - The Tomes of Delphi - Win32 Shell API Windows 2000 Edition.pdf
    Delphi 6 - QuickStart.pdf
    Delphi - Teach Yourself Borland Delphi 4 in 21 Days.pdf
    Delphi 8 - Migrating Delphi applications to the Microsoft .NET Framework with Delphi 8.pdf
    Delphi 6 - Developer'[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]s [/COLOR][COLOR=#660066]Guide[/COLOR][COLOR=#666600].[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]pdf[/COLOR]
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  2. cgimaster

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    WOW your C# List doesnt have:

    CLR via C# 3rd Edition
    C# in Depth 2nd Edition
    Essential C# 4.0 3rd Edition
    C# in a nutshell 5.0 5th Edition
    These are awesome books for any one starting on c# and advanced users.
  3. DatSik.

    DatSik. Newbie

    Sep 20, 2012
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    Lol well sorry I dont have those 4 books, ill try to get them... next time please dont say "WoW you dont have this!".. just sounds like you fell your owed something :rolleyes: lol
    ​Im going to fix the links right now, i had them lastnight then the site crashed on me..
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
  4. cgimaster

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    Well they are pretty easy to get from simple googling "name + .pdf" and are awesome books (read'em myself), and yes it was a WOW that you listed all those books yet didnt had these few ones and no it doesnt looks like you owed anything, the WOW was to express you had a big list however missed some good ones and in no way I was demanding you to have it, however did list it for people whilling to read it.
  5. DatSik.

    DatSik. Newbie

    Sep 20, 2012
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    I just took it wrong, its all good, i will add those they are good
  6. gimme4free

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    Oct 22, 2008
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    Nice share, learning Objective-C at the moment so the Pocket Reference should come in handy for me :)
  7. Ararura

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    Apr 4, 2010
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    Appreciated! Been doing Python for ~15 days and want to keep learning so this was useful.
  8. cgimaster

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    Ararura, there was a online trainning thing that google was sposoring for learning python it seemed pretty interesting, have you tried it ?
    I think it also have video classes and was free think that was the site, afaik it was free
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  9. DatSik.

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    Sep 20, 2012
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    Im glad you guys found this useful. As soon as i can post url's myself I will add more to each subject, as well as completely new subjects as well .

    ^^You can put that togather, It will work for now , but like i say, as soon as my restrictions are lifted i will make it more organized
  10. zenoGlitch

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    One hell of a compilation ... + Rep and thank you.
  11. argh11

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    Jul 14, 2011
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    Wow what a list! People still using pascal out there?
  12. DatSik.

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    Sep 20, 2012
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    Thank you so much guys for showing your appreciation . Im glad that you guys like the list, and like I said.. as soon as i can the list is going to get alot bigger! just gotta get rid of these dumb restrictions on posting url's.
    And yeah argh11, lol pascal is quite popular in botting communities. (search villavu or scar freddy
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  13. DatSik.

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    I have all other links ready, if i cant get a mod to add them
  14. StipeST

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    Oct 10, 2011
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    This is really great. Thank you very much. But it is hard to decide wich one to read first :confused::confused:
  15. DatSik.

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    Sep 20, 2012
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    no problem, thanks for the appreciation.
  16. DatSik.

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    how long does it take to be able to post url's damn lol
  17. ad1991

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    Mar 23, 2012
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    Student ,Freelacer
    Thank for the info man but use google you ca find everything ;)
  18. queenmery

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    Jan 18, 2011
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    All the links are working properly ,
    thought it may be fake ,
    but really it is not .
    Very good job done by you,
    share more like this for game.
  19. cgimaster

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    You mean for game development books ?
  20. -Jericho-

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    Stalking My Ex-Wife
    The PHP PDF files wouldn't open for me. Says there's something wrong with them.

    Also there's no VT scans for any of these and they aren't on approved download sites.