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    Alright, first off just a bit about me.. I've had an account here since 2011 and I've earned practically nothing, But then again I do absolutely nothing. I download shit all day and scream "YASSS I'LL HAZ MILLIONES TAMARA!" but then I just read it and go back to playing League of Legends. I'm lazy as shit.

    In 2012, I created a facebook page around my culture and made memes and then began ripping memes from other pages and keeping the page active as I can. It has now grown to 112k fans. I used it and created another 2 pages 1 currently at 80k fans, created Feb 11th 2013. Another at 4k fans created Feb 24th 2013. Currently monetizing all 3 with mylikes and so far just for about 2 days it's been climbing currently at $60/day.

    But before I started using mylikes, I was into CPA & PPD. Without a doubt if you've never made money in your life you can do it with youtube & cpa.

    The reason I got motivated to start doing anything at all was because at the start of this month my stepfather told went ape shit and said he wants me out of his house in 1 month.

    Before you go on things you need to do:

    1) Get yourself accepted into CPA network. I currently use Adworkmedia & 1 at bit.ly .
    2) Create a folder named youtube and place all your ppd files within it and sort them. Keeping your workspace organized encourages you to work as everything will be easy to find.
    3) Gather all software you will need and keep them in a folder
    4) Create text files and keep logs of everything you do, or an excel file and keeps your logs of: Videos uploaded, Uploaded to which account, How many videos uploaded, upload date, bit.ly link.
    5) Create accounts at:
     http://dot.tk & http://1freehosting.com 
    6) Visit the IM Journey section of this forum frequently.
    7) Get accounts from traffic exchange sites.
    8) Read:
    Files that you will need or well, Files that you may want that will significantly help with what you're doing.
    Income Jacker [Buy/Google/Sail a ship](Not really needed, But it's helpful)
    Roboform [Buy/Google/Sail a ship]
    Bandicam/camtasia [Buy/Google/Sail a ship]
    Audacity: [http://audacity.sourceforge.net/]
    Video editing software [Buy/Google/Sail a ship]
    How to add a password right before the 'hack' starts and redirect to ppd/cpa:
    Downloads (These are just shit I've downloaded in the past kept them in folders, if anything belongs to you and you want it removed kindly pm me) Can't remember the authors either so credits where due.

    10 Viral PPD/CPA scripts(Landing pages):
    Virustotal: http://bit.ly/V2D6Yt (1/46)
    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/03o4uk
    Mediafire script:
    Virustotal: http://bit.ly/YwCQAI (0/46)
    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gue6a8
    Zynga Poker Script:
    Virustotal: http://bit.ly/YTcWoO (0/45)
    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/80jtkc
    Beats By Dre Script:
    Virustotal: http://bit.ly/YTNZbN(0/45)
    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/t51jao
    Custom content locker template:
    Virustotal: http://bit.ly/YwsKQx (0/46)
    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ev6dgn
    Completed VB 2010 Roblox Hack Source code with password:

    Virustotal: http://bit.ly/YTfJyn(0/45)
    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v9ilj9
    Use files at your own risk.

    I learn easier by example than 3000 word essays, Show it to me 2 or 3 times and it'll be learnt not every aspect but then that's where the wording comes in.

    Naming your download

    Examples of bad file names would be those such as:
    League hack.rar
    download hack.rar

    Examples of good file names
    [VIP] League Of Legends Cheat-MPGH.net [2013].rar
    League of Legends - Chaos v1.02.rar

    Generally, try to be descriptive of where the file is coming from and what is within the rar, ensure that this is the name that you promote on your download page.

    Size of the file
    No one wants a 10kB hack. Try to get in the range of 1 ~ 6mB.
    Add some huge resolution images if you'd like.

    Video Title
    Less words more direct, Do some keyword research find valuable keywords and place it once or twice in your title. Example:

    Bad Title - Looks spammy

    Better title - Looks less spammy
    League of Legends - Riot Points hack [March 2013] - Download

    Video Description
    Get creative with your descriptions, Many different ways to type up one. Format should be |Link > whole bunch of keyword-rich text > Virus total > Link|

    Bad Description
    Download: [link]

    Good Description
    Hey [YouTube channel name] here, happy to share the new release today! Download it free at:
    [Name of hack] download: [link]

    I'm sharing [keyword] because me and the other creator got into a conflict and he's trying to sell [keyword] and take all the money so i'm giving it away free!

    [Virus total]

    Download it at: [link]

    Video Tags
    Tags help with the ranking of your video, ensure to get keywords that are closely related to your niche and add them in there, don't add too many tags.

    Example: "League of Legends hack", "League of legends Riot points hack", "Riot points", "Riot", "points", "league", "Legends", "Hack", "Riot points hack"

    Keep it targeted for what you want to rank for.

    Landing page
    A landing page, depending on it's design will undoubtedly increase your conversion ratio.

    There are two ways of doing this,
    1) Quantity
    2) Quality

    This is what I do, Because I'm a lazy kid.

    Step 1:
    Using the youtube video scraper/downloader above download 120 ~ 150 video. Go to youtube search keyword "Hack" then click filter and choose "Today.. Short( ~4minutes) & View count" After filtering down you should see the top videos for the day. Go ahead and download them.

    Step 2:
    Assort all videos into folders. You can either assort them by niche, by type of program(Hacks, bots, generators). Or you can just put 30 randomly per folder.

    Step 3:
    Login to a youtube account. PVA/Non-PVA (I use Non-PVAs) and then go to the video manager, click channel settings on the left and then go ahead and choose "Defaults".

    Step 4:
    Set your category > Gaming
    Set your description > Landing page with content locker/ppd site(Use bit ly to shorten link)
    Set your tags > hacks, bots, generators, 2013, march, new, latest, free, download, mediafire, no survey...(Use generic words in this case)

    Step 5:
    After saving defaults, Go to uploads and upload 30 ~ 50 videos to 1 channel. Once uploads are complete go back to your video manager and check for the videos that have "Matched copyright content". For those videos click edit, Then click audio, then click remove song and replace it with a royalty free song that is on the right side of the page provided by youtube.

    Step 6:
    Repeat steps 3 to 6.

    1) You can use 2 accounts per IP.
    2) Upload no more than 60 videos per channel.
    3) You can mass edit titles in the video manager. ([March 2013 - Working])
    4) A profile picture helps.
    5) Use bitly to track clicks by using unique links to each channel so you can see what is sending the most traffic.
    6) Never spend time to look back, These are accounts that will get banned sooner or later. No need to check stats, The time you'd spend to check stats of that channel just create a new one. The only place to check stats should be Bitly.


    Quality videos last longer and earn more in the long run.

    Step 1:
    Create a unique video 30s ~ 2mins long. This video can be: A screen capture of your hack, A still image with explanation of each function & how it works, Slide show. Just advertise your hack.

    Step 2:
    Upload the video with an appropriate title, description and tags.

    Step 3:
    Use indexer sites to get your video indexed.

    Step 4:
    Using traffic exchange services get views, likes, subscribers & comments for your videos. Keep adding these elements to your video until ranked to the top for your main keyword.

    Step 5:
    Rinse and repeat.

    1) You can use google keyword tool to index your video by pasting the link in the "Get keywords from website" box.
    2) Backlinks won't do a video bad, get a bit.
    3) Ranking on youtube alone is good, but on youtube and google is better.
    4) If a video is in second position and not earning a reasonable sum per day don't waste your time getting it to the top, not much will change.
    5) Creating 1 unique video can be modified by adding or subtracting 1 second of extra blank video. Upload 1 video to 5 different channels with 5 different keywords.
    6) If someone steals your video, flag it.

    Conceptualized Methods/Random methods coming to mind[Untested]
    These are just thoughts that should work based on natural human logic.

    1) Scarcity: People want what others have that they can't get.

    Today I was chillin, killin and you know the regular. While reading I learnt about scarcity.

    If you bring this across well then you will be The God Of Bitches because you have half a million dollars to buy stuff you can't remember right now. Anyways.. How this works is you show a preview of it in an effort to show off in one channel.

    So in one channel you go ahead and create your video showing off your superb hack and how no one else has it and how good it's working. Most people will try to flip you off because yes, you are being an asshole and they are jealous.

    Go ahead create a second youtube channel, Pay for a fiverr gig to get a video of some kid saying "Hey I saw a video on a next channel with some kid showing off his hack, so I decided to create one just like it so he can show off no more." <That sounded hella retarded but hey, Retards to retards it's like 2 1860s british men speaking English. Now you just upload this video to your channel type up a nice little description and go ahead and post your pretty little link.

    Then comment on your old video with the link, it would be voted up because of all those who hate the first channel and so you get more views and likes and you couple this up with fake views and likes and you'll be getting tonnes of downloads errday!!

    2) Bug fixes: Who wants to read how to fix a bug when they can watch a video?
    More of a niche than a method.
    1) Google name of game/software + "Bug"
    2) Get the game/software/whatever it is. Hopefully you don't have the bug make a video without the bug. If you can't get pass this make a slide show video.
    3) Don't give simple instructions, If it's too easy people won't think it's legit or well that's me. I'd rather hear.
    4) Give pre download instructions in your video. ( Tell a user to empty recycle bin)
    Simple instruction that seems like it will actually help but do nothing
    This link is a windows 7 Emulator. You can make your videos there if you are running on windows XP like me.
    Walk them through to disabling win 7 UAC then post a link to a download file and tell them to go download for the rest of instructions or download and install the bug fix.

    3) WSO Lies: Profit off fellow marketers, Amused this hasn't been all over the place o-o Or maybe I don't read enough. Find the newest WSO. Create a video name [Get]WSO Name. Post your link.

    Simple ways to Jump Start your traffic

    1) Post to a forum related to the niche. Make a thread with a title that will grab a users interest. Example: "WTF? How did he do that at 2:05? Shouldn't he be banned?" Embed the watermarked youtube video in the thread. Or if you don't have it water marked link out using tags so people can see your descri...ctions. Please alert me of broken/down links.
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    Social Networks

    So social media viral yada yada I want to sleep =|.

    Going back to the youtube post which is right above this, Just as how you organized your youtube folder you should organize your social media folder. Unorganized things stress you and demotivate you from work.

    This is a great place to add over 1000 friends in practically no time. Explore the meet me features of this website and the add friend feature. I would delve more into how to earn from such a thing but talks of e-Whoring isn't allowed here or well so I'm told. Correct me on this and I'll update here.


    Things to collect:
    1) iMacros for Chrome/Firefox
    2) http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/499592-get-tumblripper-scrape-all-photos-tumblr-blog-4-your-instagram-tumblr-pinterest.html
    3) http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/523680-get-free-bot-tumblr-keyword-follower.html
    4) Fatboy's tumblr queue poster(Not sure if removed)
    What to do:
    Follow tons of sexy blogs via keyword follower.
    Rip a few images.
    Please keep your organized folder organized however ensure the images are unorganized so when you upload it won't be concentrated from one blog.

    1) Using tumblr queue poster, Set images to be posted. Create a click through to a youtube channel called sexi dancing. Or something related.

    2) Get your followers up by a bit.

    3) You might not want to spend much time on these blogs as there is a chance of them getting banned.

    4) Post no ads to the blog or well fuck the rules, Nothing beats experimenting, throw some ads on it if you want or can, Crakrevenue is a good source for adult ads.

    5) Now to profit via CPA, Try to create a bit of buzz about a celebrity sextape. Create a post saying "Woooow just saw 10 seconds of x sextape and I've learnt more about x in just 10 seconds than his/her entire career"

    6) Get people asking about it, when they ask, get them to reblog your post.

    7) At this point let me just tell you I'm blowing shit out of my ass I don't know jack about tumblr, But so far so good. Don't wait on me to try it I'm lazy.

    8) When they reblog encourage that anyone asks them to see it should reblog as well and the video will be posted really shorty at the main blog "It's being downloaded and then I will upload it here".

    9) Create a slide show teaser on youtube. Do not rank this video, Do not add tags, Do not add a proper title. "Woooow I can't believe it.." < That should be the title of the youtube video and in your description, you should have a link to a html page with a content locker locking what looks to be a fake video that will never play.

    10) Post the youtube teaser to your main tumblr account.
    Source: Content locked website
    Description: Hey I uploaded the video on my website because tumblr wouldn't allow me to upload it here, kept giving me an error go check it out look at what he does at 2:47. [Link]

    11) Rinse & Repeat.

    Tips and what not:
    1) Reasons you don't do much to your youtube channel: The last time I typed 'Rihanna sex tape' on youtube my account was gone within 2 hours. So if you can avoid words such as 'sextape' on youtube.

    2) Take some drama lessons if you want to come off as an innocent bystander.

    3) Change your language with google translate. American leads aren't the only leads in the world.


    Traffic exchange sites
    1) http://addmefast.com/
    2) http://vagex.com/
    3) http://www.u2bviews.com/
    4) http://www.shareyoutubevideos.com/share-youtube-videos-software/
    5) http://www.youlikehits.com/
    6) http://ycl.eu/
    1) http://viralvideochart.unrulymedia.com/all
    2) http://www.google.com/trends/
    3) http://www.youtube.com/trendsdashboard
    4) http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/
    1) http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/475065-get-brand-youtube-channels-3-minutes-our-online-software-instant-social-presence.html
    2) http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/515493-get-fso-536-instant-social-presence-twitter-edition-ultimate-twitter-background-app.html
    Real time twitter search engine
    3) http://monitter.com/
    Reserved and stuff for more stuff

    Things to come:

    Random thoughts that I'm too lazy to do.
    All sections will be updated the more I read or the more things that pop up within my head.
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    i saw the Mega Thread in the title and i though myself it was a little pretentious.. but after reading the whole post i must say that this is really great, thanks and rep added. Thank you for sharing and caring
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    Nice post, should help a lot of people out trying to get started with CPA.
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    nice compilation of what works in yt.. a lot of people don't know what to do and where to start.
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    Affiliate Marketer
    Well one of the greatest post i have ever seen here. Op deserves true appreciation :)
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    Awesome share mate
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    Tell ur stepfather to go F himselve

    Dont lost hope mate

    Keep grinding n move out asap
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    Full-Time Student
    Book-Freaking-Marked! Thank you.
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    New king of ppd and cpa welcome to bhw :) you are a prize member ty
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    This is basic steps that should be common since to all IM.
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    This is a Mega Thread, indeed :)
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    +1 thanks for your efforts.. Looking forward to read more info from you..
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    It should be, but it's major help for a newcomer :D
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    Awesome thread. Thanks and rep.
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    true words... thats why i deinstalled lol like 10 times in 6 months... but i am the same as you, i am lazy as **** but when i got the right motivation i can move mountains, just need to find that kind of motivation... :/
    anyway thanks for the thread, yes maybe it is basic but it is very good for beginners and even pros can find a twist or some useful information between your lines.
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    Great post! I want to start doing this right now but I'm having some doubts with the adworkmedia. Is the account first going to have to be accepted? If so then I suppose I should insert my true information, right?

    What if I don't have a website and it asks for one? Do I create one or does it not matter?
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    Never knew about the "default" settings lol... This makes for mass uploading real easy!!! I'm testing a niche I have thats been making a good $10 a day with, gonna shoot a few hundred videos up.. Def want to get into this fan page stuff and mylikes, I may PM you and join under you if you can help me out. Anywho, these are some awesome tips.
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    Not that new, but nice explained and I like that one idea with the video response.
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    Sure I'll assist you with mylikes & facebook shoot me a PM when you're ready.

    Based on a guide from the adworkmedia guides section one method which they suggest is to:

    You can create a 10 page blogger using plr How To guides and to enhance this you can rip 10 how to videos from youtube and upload them to your channel. Ensure the videos aren't watermarked and then when applying use your blogspot as your website and when asked for method of promotion type something like
    I have a youtube channel with a few how to videos and a blogspot set up. It's a new website but slowly growing. [Link] to youtube channel 
    Create also a facebook page
    Create a twitter profile
    Use valid details when signing up.
    Use english
    Let it seem as if you know what you're doing but don't seem like a scripted robot.
    Get fake views/likes for videos
    Fake likes for FB
    Fake twitter followers

    Use these sites to apply for as many networks as you'd like.

    Alternatively you can tell them you plan to run PPC/PPV campaigns.

    Not really a professional at getting accepted into CPA networks but the above should work, you can always check google for a more indetail guide for getting accepted. There are tons.
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