Media Site with 200K plus visits - need monetization method

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by hungryforfb, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    I got a few music blogs with 20K-25K daily visitors. Some over 30K.

    Im thinking of selling them and pushing only ONE of my sites.

    Has music involved (no downloads - all legal) , news, hollywood gossips, videos, old artists, celebrities ,new ones, all genres of music, regularly DAILY updated.

    I have very creative ideas from giving out concert tickets to gear and albums to our users in return of something.

    I need a good monetization method to monetize the 200K visits i plan to get daily, easily... im not new in the business, i work with many of the artists in the mainstream business that can support us. all it takes is a few calls to each of them.

    if you can come up with serious monetization method so we can make money with this kind of hits / sites. lets work. i can make a deal and contract on table and deal for a %.

    you will love working with me and the connects i have and who knows where we can reach :D one day !!

    i dont know if im allowed to post this here, it says make money ! .. i couldnt post in JV i have no idea why !! hope you guys dont mind and we can speak here and in PM and on the phone.

    lets bring home the bacon !!!

    PS : considering my connects, i dont even want to plug adsense or adbrite to make money on this site, i would look bad in front of artists.. considering the things i do with them... we can throw shows, events , all kinds of things... you can get involved of course if u join the team ! all we need is to brainstorm and put a good method on the table !!