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    HI guys ; I have just started using The Meathead Method , But I Need to get these 2 questions answered in order to continue .
    The first thing is that is i can't find forums that allow signatures ?, I don't know why I guess only MMO forums allow signatures.
    and the second question is about Comments for example should I put comments on webs, news .. based and related to the article or should I just mention my review . and can you please provide me a sample of simple comment.

    EDIT : and guys one more question , i chosed a product that has a 20 gravity , last update in 2014 , and only 00 monthly search ( last year it has more than 3000 monthly searches ) and I know this method is not about seo , but would you advice me to promote this product , I need you Honest answers .

    Thank You guys
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    Sig part is not compulsory and post ur link directly in forum post. And ur comment must be relevant to page content with ur review link, then only you can achieve good conversioo rate. If u Post comment only with ur review article link , then ur comment looks like spam.
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    Like the above posters mentioned, you don't really need to have a signature to start linking to your site. All you need is to post a helpful comment with the site link in the answer. I suggest building a rep on the forums just to make the users trust you more so that when you do post a link to your site, they won't suspect you're trying to sell them anything and the mods won't delete the message.

    Another better alternative is to post on FB groups and Yahoo Answers. I've had the most success posting to these kind of sites because of the high engagement. Join as many FB groups related to that niche and start posting a link to your site. Same with Yahoo answers. Try to find questions within the last 24 hours and be one of the first to reply. Good luck.