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    Hey guys,

    I have a website which is related to sports bettings, betting apps and bookmakers reviews mainly. The site has 2 version - the main one is on english and the second one is on bulgarian. I wrote the bulgarian content by my own and paid for hq content for the english versions. Anyway, I have to say that I started this project about an year and 3-4 months ago and I did it from scratch. First , let me explain the things I did. I analized my competitors's backlinks and I manage to steal some of the backlinks (ofc non all). I filtered the poor quality backlinks and just pick up the good ones. They were from different bulgarian web directories and article/social bookmarking sites or forums related to sport. Then I start to pay for side-wide backlinks and again I filtered only the sites with higher DA, PA, MOZ, PR, TF and CF. Currently I am having about 30 websites from where I got paid backlinks and almost 60-70 others web properties from where I got backlinks freely, without paying. I trully believe that my anchor and link profile at all is good enough so I could rank fairly well. My competitors are mainly 2 persons which has all of their websites (about 4-5) on Google's first page for almost all of their main keywords. Mine is ranking also very good but for the most of my keywords I am surrounded and beated by these competitor's websites. Even that my website got tons of social signals, hq backlinks and the most important - better content and much more information, well my competitors are still ranking higher. Some of their websites has only 5-6 referring domains and no matter that they are killing the SERP. I tried to figure it out about 301 redirections if they have and some of them are redirecting some old domains with 301.

    Another tactic they are doing is to cross linking their websites so almost all of their websites are linking each other. Example: From site A, to site B, and site B to site C..etc.
    I am wondering why is this happening, maybe because my website is still new (only 1 year) and theirs are about 4-5-6 years old domains.

    I have to mentione that my website is custom static html website and I decided to be as it is. I did some on-seo optimizations and site speed improvements + optimize the mobile version. My main concerns are about the bulgarian version, as the english one is ranking good but I am trying to beat my bulgarian's competitors as first.

    Some interesting situation was about two months ago when I create a new page which was related to one bulgarian bookmaker. My website ranked on 1st page for its main keyword and it was one place down under my competitor's main website. After 2 weeks I wrote a detailed post about the same bookmaker but it was posted into my second website which is again related to the same niche. One week after me the competitors release some junk content into their others websites and almost all of them are not on 1st page for this bookmaker and the main keyword for it. Their other websites dont have any backlinks or social signals about its new post but no matter that they are outranking my second website and are climbing just under my main website. The situation is the same for almost all kws and pages.

    I would appriciate any help as I am frustrated and this situations couldn't be explained and analized by myself so I decided to ask for professional help here. Maybe you could give me some vital advices or recommendations.

    Please, excuse my bad english. I am currently working to improve it.

    Here is the site: bulgarian version english version
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