MC in another way


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May 26, 2019

I was thinking doing something similar to MC, but maybe safer?

Creating 100 accounts, automate them on jarvee and profile them as your targeted audience. They only like and comment your posts, making them your biggest fans.

I would automate commenting and liking my posts and some competitors(few daily), so the account if flagged as lover of that niche.Plus doing sometimes some browser search to keep it natural.. you get the point.. it would be 10-15 actions daily. So little chance of flag.

also, using 4G with night modes,maybe with so low actions it can go even 40 accs per 4G... test needed..

what do you guys think? Imagine 100 loyal followers... 100 saves, 100 comments...with replies even more ;)

every opinions is welcomed
I think this is similar to joining engagement groups. If you can pull this off without hitting shadow ban I bet it'd be more efficient than any engagement group
Jarvee will eventually get your account banned. Check all the posts every day from people getting banned or limited even following and liking at a very slow pace. Besides that your idea could definitely work.
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