Maximum Number of .edu Backlinks From a Single Domain?

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    Hey all!

    First and foremost I wanted to put a little disclaimer out here, I have spent today and yesterday searching this forum primarily as well as google for anyone talking about this. So I am faced with two options: this topic is somewhat unique to me or I am absolutely terrible at searching.

    With that being said if this is a repeat thread you have every right to flame me, and I am sorry for wasting your time! But if it isn't hopefully this can shed some light on an otherwise little discussed topic :).


    After doing web/graphic design/development for a university local to me for over two years I started to become interested in SEO and SEM. After months of research(I like to know as much as possible about any said topic) I decided it would be a fun hobby to start up!

    So about a month ago I started a website and using free tools and techniques filled the website with over 100+ pages of good content and onsite SEO. As I continue to stumble my way through this whole Off-Site SEO thing I've learned a lot on the way. And have failed to do a lot of very effective SEO, which is why after a month I still haven't even ranked for a very low competition word.

    Granted I would like to say I am doing everything for free as it is a hobby. And if it starts making money I'll definitely put money back into it to get it to number 1 for select keywords.

    The Question:

    Previously I mentioned that I was web developer for a university. Well I so happen to be the web master for a unit of the university. Which has put me in a place to place backlinks on a PR6 .edu domain. What I want to know is how many of these links can I place on a different pages before google stop recognizing their importance? I definitely don't want to over post just to be sure as I also don't want to get penalized.

    I know people have talked about the more domain variation the better, and without I am doing that with normal domains. But I wanted to make sure I took full advantage of what I have lucked out with.

    Thank you so much for your time and any help!

    I appreciate it more than you know


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    I'd say a couple on a few different pages is fine. Contextual links are the best.