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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Swordude, Jan 3, 2014.

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    What's up everyone. So I'm trying out the age old fake girl profiles on fb and trying to make some money off of it. Right now I'm just under 1k friends on my first account but I'm hoping to have that to 5k and gaining followers by Monday. I'm advertising my fake "webcam show" and linking to a media kings PPI offer, so far I'm at 80 unique hits and 14 leads making a grand total of 68 cents (this was all today with very minimal effort).

    Clearly I'm not going to make big money with 1k friends (these are all from add me groups btw), but I'm going to just keep getting as many friend requests as possible. Basically I'm just thinking if I get 25x the friends I have now, I should be able to make around 20 bucks just posting a couple links per day, and maybe if I post 5x the links I'll earn 50 bucks or something. I'm also working on making pages, I just started this now and my idea is to just create pages of stupid pick up lines (super easy to find online, and most of them aren't used on fb) and invite friends from my accounts. I'm not sure if a page would be able to earn more than a profile, but why not have both?

    That's my current strategy, so I'd really appreciate any more ideas or tips (post or PM me). I guess what I'm really wondering is what would make me the most money... PPI leads don't seem to payout as much as I was hoping, but it isn't the end of the world if I can earn as much I'm hoping from adding more friends.

    Thanks guys :)