Math 101 and Money Making

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    Disclaimer: Before you read, I am ONLY a Math guy with some IM youtube experience. I stress SOME. I happen to REALLY be good with numbers. I have never tried this but its an idea I came up with using numbers I have run and tested. Please feel free to add ideas. Side note: I will never use this method as I think the numbers and revenue generated is too low for me but you be the judge.

    In this money making scheme, you will see the math involved and the financial numbers. I will start with the Tools Required.

    3 machines or VMs
    3 Vagex accounts (preferrably referrals from 1 account - gives you 10% more views to main account per referral)
    fiverr (or any method to sell views)

    Sell 1000 views on fiverr. Currently they go for $1.5 to $5.00 per 1000 views

    Vagex pays $1.00 per 28000 views (Not worth your time)
    1 pc can generate 5000-7000 views per day (I hit about 6000 in my few days test)

    5000 Views per day, 3 accounts = 15000 views per day generated. Thats on the low side.

    Rather than taking $0.50 cents from Vagex, resell it at fiver for $1.50 per 1000 views. If a person orders 1000 views for 1 video, just do 333 views per account to that video.

    15sales of 1000 views*$1.50 = 22.50 per day. If your a good saleman, you will generate on the high end of that scope.
    15sales of 1000 views*$5.00 = 75.00 per day

    So you get the idea. I am not doing this but Its just an idea for the community.

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    Firstly those vagex views are very slow, so $1.50 for 1000 VERY SLOW views it not worth it. Besides, when you submit 1000 credits to a video in vagex, it doesn't mean it gets 1000 views... It will probably get like 500 views...