Massive traffic - split off download manager traffic

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    Hey people. I hope this is the correct forum to post as I'm looking for a tool to do this job!

    I recently bought a domain that was once a very large file sharing/hosting website (I can't say what it is and is kind of irrelevant anyway!). The website offered a free download manager. Aside from the expired and type-in traffic this name gets, I also see a lot of traffic which appears to be coming from the old download manager.

    The question: I can split off type-in and expired traffic with some PHP code no problem, but what can I do to split off the traffic supposedly coming from the download manager? How am I going to be able to identify this traffic?

    The reason I want to do this is to experiment to see if there is any value in this traffic alone.

    Any help is great!

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    Do you have the http headers sent by the download manager traffic?

    Maybe you can find something in the headers that you can use to filter the traffic!