Mass Planner - How To Schedule Campaign Posts In FB?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Shorteez, Sep 23, 2015.

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    Hey yall,

    A few week ago I got started on this forum and came across BTB's FB group posting thread and decided to start taking action.

    Bought 10 new PVA accounts and started on random actions for a week. 5 were limited after a week due to liking things too often. So, I bought 5 aged PVA accounts, had them run random actions and start joining groups. Another week later I'm up to 10 active accounts and about 80 groups I'm accepted to.

    Now I'm looking to start the group posting portion of the process but MP has me somewhat confused to setup a campaign properly.

    I had started cross joining groups with the different accounts to have all groups throughout all the accounts. Then went in to start setting up a campaign but the way it looks to me when setting up the destination list is that it will basically post messages to all groups 10 times a day. Not what I want at all.

    Was wanting to do like 10 posts per account.

    Anyone help me out with setting this up properly?

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    Hi, it' good that you're taking action, facebook is not easy to crack but it's worth it so keep at it.

    As for your question. If you create a destination list with all your 10 accounts and select all groups for all the accounts. Then create a campaign and use that destination list for it. No post will be posted on the same group twice, the way it works is that it picks an account, it picks a group and it does a post, next it picks another account with another group and does another post. So in total you will have 10 accounts with 100 groups each for example and you set the campaign to post in all, it will only do 100 posts, one for each group with a random account each time.
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