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    Finished pinging 1 links to 69 services in 00 minutes and 18 seconds.

    Mass-Ping is a very ambitious project. Be sure that it has best quality service of Ping sector. Your every URL are sent to each search engine. The system works a bit slower because it is so attentive. This also holds a little bit which visitors use long lists.

    What can be done?

    Firstly you can make Wordpress Plug-in. After adding this plug-in to websites, articles written by people which automatically ping via This plug-in will increase awareness of service. A simple API will be sufficient for this process.
    You can create reporting system. Ping reports can be sent via e-mail to users.
    You can prepare membership sytem. So, you will have hundreds of e-mail adress that you can use for advertising operation. Also, you can sell a premium membership in membership system. For example, a regular member can ping 10 URLs during the day, but premium member can ping unlimited URLs. If you sell premium membership fee at a price of as little as $9.99, visitors don?t hesitate to buy it.
    Besides you can add Rss Submit, Profile Backlink etc. services.These services increase the popularity of the website.
    You can add new features, such as these.. So, the site should not be considered for Adsense profits or other advertising systems. I hope the person can do in my thinking, and performs every innovation in the future, so I will be happy using the site. :)

    " this is my big ping project ... what do you think.. how much it worth. Thanx a lot