Mass email campaing with yahoo emails - need your comments

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    Hello. I have a legitimate bussiness but i don't ask visitors to validate their emails so i don't send them email when they registered. This is causing a problem. When i sent very important announcement to all registered members it drops to spam box. There are over 400.000 registered members right now.

    So i came up with this idea and want to get your idea about it

    Now i am going to manually take 1000 yahoo emails. I live in Turkey and i am able to change my IP in 20 seconds. My IP range is right now C class which is 256x256

    So i can easily get 1k emails.

    Now each yahoo email is allowed to send 500 smtp email per day. Am i correct ?

    Now my plan is sending 100 email from per ip and change ip and continue from remaining last 900 other yahoo emails send 100 more and then change ip again so it will be a loop

    so i will use all 1000 yahoo emails with 10 different ips and it will start again from the first yahoo email.

    With this way can i make my emails drop to inbox ?

    ip 1 , use 100 (1-100) yahoo email and send from each for them 1 email
    change ip
    ip 2 , use other 100 (101-200) yahoo email
    and so on

    I hope i could explained the plan :D