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Marketplace Peer-review pilot

Discussion in 'BHW Marketplace rules and how to post' started by Diamond Damien, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Diamond Damien

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    ---- THREAD CLOSED 09/03/2015 ----
    Reviewing marketplace services can take a long time but it's important we check services thoroughly. Although we don't make a judgement call on the quality or suitability of the service. However if the seller says they are going to deliver 100 backlinks from PA 50+ pages (for example) we verify that they can deliver. Where this fits into your SEO campaign matrix is your decision to make. It's essential that any buyer can make a fully informed decision when they buy safe in the knowledge that the seller has shown clearly that they can deliver what they list.

    During review we compare the marketplace post to the service provided to us by the seller. Making sure it meets or exceeds any promises made in the marketplace thread. Sometimes, this can take a while.

    When this happens, the seller can sometimes wait longer than we'd like to get their service reviewed. We want to address this without compromising the review process, so we're piloting a system where we ask for guest reviews from our senior members.

    Our Exec VIP's are tough, skeptical and battle-hardened - between them, no niche, method or twist escapes their stony gaze. We want to tap into that experience and give them the opportunity to review what's available on the marketplace.

    We've had our first brave volunteer offer their service up for examination. It's been completed, they've survived the process and the thread (complete with review) is live in the marketplace here: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...es-taking-your-local-business-next-level.html.

    We want to make sure this works properly, so we'll be carrying out hand-picked trials over the next few weeks and monitoring them closely to get a reliable process hammered out.

    Services will never be reviewed by members of equal forum standing and this is purely on an opt-in basis. If you're ok with it, let us know. If not - you don't need to do anything. We'll inform you if there's an opportunity for your service and only go ahead with your specific agreement.

    We'll keep you posted as the trials continue.
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