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Marketing via Facebook, my result!

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Adowning703, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Adowning703

    Adowning703 Junior Member

    Aug 22, 2010
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    Ey up wat can I do 4 u
    What is the name of your driving school?
    Jons driving
    Y m8
    Just noticed you're doing a lot of advertising. You have a website?
    U interested in lessons
    No I don't have a site
    And no mate, i've passed my test. What I do is market for small businesses like your own. You ever considered a website?
    Nar I get a good response on sites I go on cheers 
    I also have leaflet drops
    A website isn't expensive, and what services I can give you can cut out all your other advertising completely.
    Website design, hosting and SEO all included. And it's not expensive.
    Mmmm how much
    Heres an example of work, you may have seen him around
    Full setup, 2 years domain + hosting is £80, and guaranteed on first 3 pages of google within a month.
    People my age refer to the internet before leaflets and news-papers, it's easier and gives more information.
    En how would we do this. ?
    Do what exactly?
    Web site
    You wouldn't have to do anything, all I need from yourself is information (a leaflet, current advertisements etc...) are all fine that I can extract info from. And your prices and images of car and whatnot if you want them. I can take all images in High Quality if needed.
    How do u no steph brown
    Went to school with her.
    I'm learning her @ min
    Awesome. I went to Wath Comp with her since year 7 upto sixth form.
    Well it sounds really good I'm tempted
    I got ripped off once wi sumet similar t this though 
    It's a one time investment. People make 6.8k searches a month for just the phrase "***********". I target 3 keywords, "***********, ***********" and "yourname driving school"
    I'm happy for you to visit me at my own home to discuss what you want.
    I'm not a guy that bullshits, I do it to pay my car insurance.
    Well what about arranging a time tmoz its just am in bath at min on mi phone. 
    But ye sounds good. 
    Could u come t me 
    Tomorrows not really a good day. I'm at College 9-5 and then work 6-9. Thursday onwards would be much better if thats okay.
    Where abouts are you?
    Thats no problem. I'm in ***********
    Across from *********** pub. So not too far.
    How old r u if ya don't mind me asking
    18. But i've done web design/ict for about 5 years believe it or not.
    19 this month.
    Well u got me interested m8
    Great. Any preferred date/time? Would have to be a thursday, friday, saturday or sunday.
    well sundays I don't work so that ill b better 4 me m8
    Sure not a problem. Got a contact number? And any specific time?
    I started the conversation to give you an idea of what went off. I know people will ask ''How did you find the client''. Simple, look for ''Items for sale in **YourCity**'' or pages similar, and see whats happening. A lot of startup businesses think posting a few ads on facebook is going to get them lots of clients, and I took advantage of this and secured a meeting with a potential client. YES I know, my prices aren't expensive, as in the convo, it pays my insurance £178/month with a few clients (3-4) a month, any more is a bonus.
  2. Geddes

    Geddes Registered Member

    May 26, 2011
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    Affiliate Marketing
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    Excellent news, I actually thought on doing this with a few people around my area too. Hope all goes well for you, keep us updated with the outcome!