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Marketing Team: Got traffic?

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by DFWi Reaper, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. DFWi Reaper

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    Nov 10, 2014
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    First off,
    Happy New Years!

    Who am I?
    My name is Brad, I go by DFWi Reaper.
    I'm 24, recent college grad, and was a business major.
    Somewhat new to IM, but son of a successful entrepreneur so business isn't new.

    What Am I Looking For?
    I'm looking to form a team of marketers.
    Recently, a new company was created and a family friend introduced me to it.
    It's an MLM, and I am looking for people who would like to join me and can bring traffic.
    I'll be doing my own promoting, but it can grow exponentially with some help.

    An MLM...No Thanks!
    Okay, I know the very word "MLM" is going to make 95% of you leave. But if you know MLMs you know they can make a ton of money.
    Specially if you get in early and are on the first few levels (you'll be 4 or 5 levels down from the highest level). Which is unheard of, and will probably never happen again.
    What's better than the money? Instead of promoting garbage products, or services that are useless to people, you're saving lives!

    Still Interested?

    What will I be promoting?
    Like I said, you're not promoting/selling a product per say. You're saving lives, and asking others to join you.
    For every unit (or $15) that is bought, 1 of 3 products is shipped around the world to save a child's life.
    People can either do a 1 time purchase, or a monthly auto-ship.
    Here are the 3 products.

    1) Micro-nutrient packs (1 month worth for a person)
    2) Water purification system (lasts 10 years and is usable for a family or small group)
    3) Insecticide Nets (good for 10 years and is good for 1 or 2 people)

    So an MLM for a charitable cause?
    Yes, it sounds very weird, but that's what it is. Instead of paying advertising costs that range
    in the millions (just look up how much Charities spend) they pay those who bring others in a small commission.
    What makes it work is that more people are going to donate than will be making good money from this.
    This is because until you reach a certain threshold the commission is not that much.

    But once you reach that mark, it gets big quick.

    Okay, so I'm doing a "good cause" how much can I make?
    This is the part you really care about I assume, which I don't blame you!
    Here are two examples of how you could promote it. Both are to be taken as a guideline not really a "this is what you'll make"
    as actual results will very quite a bit, and could be way higher even.
    Example one is based on heavy early promotion, with little promotion from those below you.
    Example two is based on small constant promotion from you, with consistent 1 to 1 promotion from those below you.

    Commission varies from 0% to 10%+
    At 200 "sales" per month, you make 10%

    Ex: 1
    Month 1: 100 Personal sales ($75) = $75
    Month 2: 100 Personal Sales ($150) + 100 Resales ($150) + 50 Sub Sales ($75) = $375 (done promoting yourself)
    Month 3: 200 Resales Personal ($300) + 50 Sub Resales ($75) + 100 Sub Sales ($150$) = $525
    Month 4: 200 Resales Personal ($300) + 150 Sub Resales ($225) + 175 Sub Sales ($263) = $788
    Month 5: 200 Resales Personal ($300) + 325 Sub Resales ($488) + 260 Sub Sales ($390) = $1178

    So if you can get 100-200 people to sign up, it just keeps growing because they can make money off it as well.
    This Ex assumes that only half the people continue their lines, and you stop promoting after 2 months.

    Ex: 2
    Month 1: 10 Personal Sales = $0 (10 units @ 0%)
    Month 2: 10 PS + 10 Re-Sales + 10 Sub Sales = $4.5~ (30 units @ 1%)
    Month 2: 10 PS + 30 RS + 30 SS = $10.5 (70 units @ 1%)
    Month 3: 10 PS + 70 RS + 70 SS = $112.5 (150 units @ 5%) Yes a huge Jump!
    Month 4: 10 PS + 150 RS + 150 SS = $465 (310 units @ 10%)
    Month 5: 10 PS + 310 RS + 310 SS = $945 (630 units @ 10%)
    Month 6: 10 PS + 630 RS + 630 SS = $1905 (1270 units @ 10%)

    So if you get 10 personal sales each month, and they continue their lines at 1 each month (which isn't that hard) it grows exponentially.
    This is what I'm going for, instead of example one.

    If you have a good source of traffic or marketing skills this shouldn't be to difficult.

    What's the split going to be for our JV?
    That's the beauty of this JV, there isn't any split. You get 100% of what you make! I just make a small percentage off you, and then 100% of what I bring in.
    Of course, if you just want to provide traffic for mine we can work something out as well, but that is worse for us both.

    I hope this follows the rules of the forum, I couldn't find anything that this would be against but please let me know if there are any issues.
    This purpose of this JV is to form a team, share ideas, and grow a business group together.
    MLM can be a scary thing, but being for a good cause makes me want to do this. In Ex2, by month 6 you are saving over 1200 lives EACH month and that's direct impact only.

    Think of a year, or two years, we could be making some good money and saving 10's of thousands of lives :)

    Contact me via PM for any inquires or questions! Or post here.
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    just sent you a pm.
    provide me further details about it
  4. DFWi Reaper

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    Nov 10, 2014
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    Got it, look forward to further discussions.