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    This is a rough conclusion of my marketing experience so far. I hope that any beginning internet marketer that reads this message can benefit from it by saving precious time and money.

    If you have spent time in the past trying to advertise your website, then you know how extremely difficult, expensive, and time consuming this endeavor is. Many intelligent and educated people have started marketing their new website or affiliate, but soon give up due to the frustration of not seeing any profit from their blood, sweat, and tears. Statistics show that only 20% of people are successful at making money off their website! This is because there are insights that the average individual is not aware of. Only when you discover these keys can you start to unlock the doors to the advertising demela that you now face. Technology is changing so fast that finding methods that will stand the test of time has always been every serious internet marketer?s goal.

    First Insight- Unauthentic Web Pages
    Old marketing methods that were popular many years back are still being talked about today, because it is stuck on the web. These old marketing methods are still very popular search results with top search engines, because other people are listening to what others have said long ago. There are also webpage?s with broken software or services that are still up, hoping to collect you?re hard earned cash in their last ditch effort. Even the so called authentic article sites and reliable gurus with their e-books will reveal what you want to know, but will leave out the current reality of how the experienced marketers are becoming successful off of these methods. They don?t deliver any more than they have to, just enough to keep you happy by addressing an interesting outdated concept. They will explain the obvious just so they can make money calling themselves a guru.

    Let me give you a quick example of what I mean. I purchased an E-book from the tremendously popular internet marketing guru Ewen Chia, it was about getting targeted leads to your website. He revealed that writing and posting articles in popular forums was the most effective way to bring in paying customers. What he said was right, but what he was leaving out was that automatic article posting software could accomplish this in a fraction of the time and effort, increasing a person?s profits in a short amount of time, compared to months of tedious manual posting. My point is that that these ?so called? experts are not telling the masses the real secrets to making money because it would take away from their profits. If they truly had your best interests at hand, then I am convinced that a generous expert like himself would have surely included this to make people?s lives more convenient and profitable.

    Second Insight- Inefficient Advertising Methods
    There are many online companies that claim they will solve your advertising problems by delivering thousands of targeted leads to your website, but only if you pay them an outrageous price. These operations are legitimate because they do what they say they will they do, but on their terms. You don?t know where these targeted leads are coming from, all you know is it is too rich for your blood. The reality is that people rarely see any sales from this, and instead they see how hard it is to get their money back after they got scammed. These companies are organized to take your money, and they do a very good job of it.
    There are the companies that sell subscribers list for varying prices, but again, who knows where they came from, and if these people are going to be interested in what you are offering. For all you know, they could be getting these leads from having people fill in sign-up forms just so that they can complete surveys forms. No matter how they are getting these leads, this method can become very expensive when you don?t see a return like you had previously imagined.

    Hope this helped, PM me if you have any questions.