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    Ok please bare with me on this question, I've been struggling to learn and be successful with my keyword campaigns, I'm recently starting to learn about Market samurai as a trial and thinking of buying the tool as it saved me lots of time researching keywords.

    So I started playing with SEO Competition module, and today I was really confused about so many things, I had questions in my mind that I wish somebody knowledgeable next to me to answer them, I won't ask them all, but I'll ask a few.

    1) One thing that bothered me is when I choose a new keyword "One that i use in my site" click the generate results and I see the field of top10 sites, then I add cusom url (My money site url which I worked on before using this tool) then when it fetches the result of my own site, I always..I mean always see results as zero's, I'm speaking of BLD and BLP, well BLP in particular, I kinda swore that I build links and I can show them to you guys, few links on pr3 sites, few backlinks on pr2 and pr1 sites, yet in market samurai it shows BLP as in zero for me, and that goes for all kind of keywords that I have already worked on and made backlinks to, what is the reason that market samurai showing me Zero, it kinda explains why I am not getting ranked in google in any of them keywords, but what might be wrong? Oh and the backlinks are do-follow links, just sayin'.

    2) The other thing is how it is determine that a particular site is higher than the other, When I look at the module, I always see page rank, BLP (backlink on page), then the onpage seo which is title,desc,url,head, from what I learned so far these are the most important, in ranking, but when I see the generate restuls themself and try to study them, alot of things don't make sense and makes me question how google determine ranking those page.

    I see few pages that is pr0, just 3BLP, just 10 BLD green onpage seo, yet ranked #1
    then I see a page which is pr3, has hundreds BLP, has hundreds of thousands BLD, onpage seo yellow, ranked #2

    I mean by logic it should be the other way around, and the one above is just an exampled, I saw plenty of these in different number and styles, how to make sense of that? thanks