Many Sub-Domains to One Domain with different Host?

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    I am very new to .htaccess and I have studied this because what I'm trying to do is consolidate many of my sub-domain urls I have generated through many Social Networks and Article Directories to redirect to a registered main domain like a .com or .info and of course, to the related page of that domain.
    A lot of these Social Network and Article Directory sub-domains I have are spread out and is very hard to manage and keep them all up to date. I want to keep the Social Network and Article Directory urls indexed as they are but be able to use the main domain as a place I can easily update the pages of my main domain as the central place where I can edit one time and redirect all the Social Network and Article Directory urls to the page accordingly related topic of the main domain and still have the Social Network and Article Directories be indexed as they are. So then, the most I will have to do is change the site description and tags (if needed) on the Social Network and Article Directory Sites and edit the content of my main domain?s pages for good up to date info. I know I could just copy the content but that will cause duplication and I fear that will harm my ranking I have already worked so hard on.
    I do not expect you to give me a huge course on this subject matter. I think the answer is in a .htaccess script. I just need help by pointing me in the right direction. Can this be accomplished by a mod_rewrite or would I use the VirtualHost script? Or maybe it?s something I?m just not seeing yet.
    I want to be able to spend more time working on creating more new up to date info. Rather than spending most of my time editing all those sites. By the time I?m am done with my editing they are out of date again.