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    Here is the deal folks. I have a full time job and 4 kids, and a wife. That in itself is enough! I have a dedicated server with many tools on it. I'm offering a select few to be able to use the tools on the server.

    Tools on Server:
    Blog Comment Demon
    Mailings (not GEAS but very similiar to it)
    Twitter script

    There is MANY more but I prefer not to list them all. If you looking to use a specifici tool, then PM me asking if I have it. Basically if the item was sold here for seo purposes or traffic or blackhat, I have it on the server or my laptop. Trusted members only, no newbies .. don't even bother contacting me.

    You will need to tell me what timezone you are in, when you are planning on be inside the server/laptop, what programs you interested in doing a JV with, and finally what your basic plan is. You need to tell me what your good at and what your not.