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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by guatama, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Dec 8, 2015
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    So as of right now to get things started I need a FREE program that can auto post for around 5 accounts that I can use proxies with. I am willing to like/comment/follow/unfollow manually. If there is no free option I will do everything manually for now.

    I want to invest some money into proxies, but do not yet want to buy FollowerLiker untill later.

    Is there a free program or way to "manage" around 5 accounts manually and still be using proxies?

    EDIT: If I wanted to manage 5 accounts, post 1 time per day on each account and build/warm up the liking/following manually using bluestacks. Would I need proxies for that or will i be okay?
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