Manual Submission to Q&A Websites

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    I need someone to do the following:

    1. Signup and create new accounts on Q&A websites like Yahoo Answers,, etc (I will supply you with a list of the ones I want).
    2. Use these accounts to post questions (100 words long,1 per account) - I will supply a sample question which can be used as a template, the question must be uniquely written however, so as not to be picked up as duplicate content.
    3. Use my account on each of these sites (I will supply you with the logins of my accounts) to reply to the questions which you have asked. So essentially you are creating an account on Yahoo Answers to make a new question, and then answering that question with my a different Yahoo Account owned by me, which I will give you the login for. The answer will be 100 words long, and I will give you a template to use, plus a link to insert into the answer as well.
    4. Once you have answered each question, copy the URLs and put them into an excel spreadsheet and send to me.

    It sounds simple, but there needs to be care taken when writing the questions and answers so that they do not all sound too similar, or appear as duplicate content.

    I need this to be done in sets of 20. So to clarify that is 20 questions and answers posted. So quote me for 20. However this is a job I will need to be done consistently so I will likely need hundreds of these done long term.

    Experience in content writing will be useful, as the questions and answers need to sound believable.


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    I'm an article by trade, with a lot of experience in content production and SEO, for a job like this, I'd charge $50 for each set of 20, which comes to roughly $1.25/100 words. A bit on the high side, but I can guarantee that the content will be of the utmost quality. Not too mention, I'll be sure to use proxies in order to maintain the integrity of your accounts. If you're interested in working together, please pm me.

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