Manual Selling of Instagram shoutouts

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by M0l0t0v, May 3, 2015.

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    Hey! To introduce myself, I'm an 18 year old soon-to-be college student who is a little strapped for cash. I'm not the world's best marketer, but I'm really great with tricks. I've managed to get about 28K followers on my personal account, as well as 3K+ likes on every single picture. Comments are an issue I'm going to be working out with things later, but at the moment they are sparse. 90% of these followers, however, aren't real due to the methods I used to gain them. I do not have followliker, but I would like to buy it as soon as I can earn a little money so that I might create real interaction as a supplement.

    1. I'm trying to sell shoutouts on fiverr. I understand that this is mostly a place to sell niche shoutouts, but at a purely numbers consideration $5 for a shoutout shouldn't be a bad deal. How should I create a a good "gig" that will get attention, and should I do multiple similar ones?

    2. I've thought about selling shoutouts directly through dms on instagram manually. How would I go about targeting users, by hashtags or other methods? Does anyone have any info on which ones might have money?