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    Here's a white hat service that I am having a lot of trouble finding, and would hire someone in a second to help with on a monthly basis if I could find it from someone committed, with the skill, and high proficiency in American English. I need relevant, hand-selected, high value, hand-built backlinks to complement the backlink portfolios of our clients' sites.

    - Actually useful answers on Q&A Sites like Yahoo! Answers that feature a link
    - Truly relevant forum participation
    - Truly relevant blog interactions
    - Intelligent Wiki contributions
    - Coupon sites, affiliate program directories, review sites, when relevant
    - Other incredibly industry-specific sources that can only be sought out by hand
    - Sponsorship opportunities, other highly valuable links that are omitted from a solely black hat SEO's link portfolio.

    Basically, in a nutshell, links that cannot be mass produced and still be considered remotely "white hat" (I do understand that many varieties of links still can, and I do use those too). While I know that people have seen effective results with 10,000 post Scrapebox and Xrumer blasts to a list of generic harvested sites, this is quite simply something that does not fit into a report for a corporate SEO client. And in past experiments, I have seen better results from these types of carefully hand-built, highly relevant links over those high volume, low quality links.

    I could aid in selecting the best sites if needed, and likely would identify a lot of desired opportunities, but it would be a huge plus to get someone with skill in this area already. I am willing to pay per link, and if the results are consistently good up to par, even consider full time employment status. Please PM me if interested with a few examples of what you are capable of, or feel free to ask any questions right here.