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    I am in south asia right now and I am going to start ORM business. I would be cold calling international businesses and would convince them to handover their online reviews management,etc to me.

    I would try to convince them to handover cards ,where address of their website would be written, to their customers to review their experience . At the website I would give them a platform to review. If review is positive then the same would be published over other public review websites. If the review is negative, then it wont be published anywhere but would be addressed by the company.

    I have some concerns:
    1. What if the company says, that why cant we just ask the customer to fill review on some paper . And this would protect them from any online negative review. So why pay me for online platform?

    2. What is the ORM platform and how can I set up on the website. I have no tech knowledge in this area.

    3. Suppose, I am targeting ORM of a wedding planneer who has less than 3 star rating. Since this is different from a restaurant business who has lots of customers in a day. And the company is already getting low number of customers like 1 or 2 in a month, how would I be able to increase the positive review for the company through my online platform?
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    Great questions! There are people who focus on review management so hopefully they will chime in. There are services that you could partner with as a reseller and white label their product so you don't have to build a platform to receive and distribute the reviews. That's probably the quickest way to get started.
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    Hey, I am starting ORM company from South Asia as well. The biggest hard work is finding clients specially if you cannot meet them. And I personally think it is difficult for anyone to pay thousands of dollars online without even meeting them. So, I am trying to find clients locally. I have a friend of friend who is in web development business, he gave me my first local client. I am working on it.

    You can partner up with web development agencies in your local region for white label work. There are lots of ways to find clients in online reputation management. You can do email outreach, content outreach and apply similar marketing tactics as well. There's lots of potential for ORM at the moment. Don't wait so much till market will get saturated.