Manage domain at Bluehost without cpanel

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    I have a domain that I bought through Bluehost last year. I renewed it for one more year two weeks ago. Nevertheless, I did not renew the hosting plan because I felt it was not worth it (renewal at Bluehost is too expensive compared to the income of the website: $145.05 for one year). I have created an Openshift account and transferred the content of the site. But since yesterday, my cpanel has completely expired, I can access only the homepage of the website with www, the urls of the inner pages can not be opened and non www url of the home page displays a cgi page saying that "The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable". When I went back to my Bluehost account, I can not change cnames since the cpanel (zone editor) is no ​more available. I want to transfer the domain to my Godaddy account from where I can manage domains in detail but I have this message:

    "WARNING - If you transfer your domain before 2014-01-10 then the Gaining Registrar may deduct one year from your paid registration which CANNOT be refunded. You may transfer at your own risk."

    What do you recommend to do in this case in order to use the domain and be able to manage its attributes?

    Thank you!