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    Dec 2, 2016
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    Made a little extra money at work last week $150 to be exact and have decided to take the plunge and invest it all into a dropship site set up. Have been casually reading up on this site for years, and have made only petty little amounts of cash here and there, usually mostly through one affiliate link process or another, and that just doesn't appeal to me at all anymore with how long it takes clickbank to pay out. So i'm taking the plunge into and making a shopify drop-shipping from alieexpress, as i'v seen a few videos on just how simple it is. Any ways, i know about creating a shopify store...the addons you use to automatically import products from alieexpress onto your site so people can buy it right off of there. But i know very little about key word optimization or say finding the ideal niche type products to post in my store. I'm hoping to fully utilize the 14 trial with shopify and those addons for importing products on your store (as well any other aps i may need use) and see enough of a return to at least pay for them by end of trial, which as most videos would explain is very easy to do. Just looking for some kind of mentor that has some experience building shopify stores and monitizing them. My main issue i'm looking for advice on is finding the ideal products to build a shopify store around, i'll initially be starting out with just 2 or 3 products as allot of ppl advise. I will be using facebook ads initially to funnel ppl onto my site then after seeing a good return move to google adwords. I also wanted to say that i am actually willing to spend a portion of my startup money if needed to pay you u for help and advice, and also more then willing to do some joint ventures in the future for helping out. Thanks much!