Making space for water

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    Hi guys just wish to share someones FB status and gain feedback of this:

    Making Space for Water.

    So, while we watch the infrastructure of the UK, crumble under a sea of water, while we join the "lets stop foreign aid and spend it at home" lobby and while we agree with each other that the Government have been too slow to act, lets just look at this from another perspective.
    An EU directive dated 23 Oct 2007 talks of the need to allow strategic flooding in certain areas. The Environment Agency decided to allow this in March 2008. This means that the plan was to allow the running down of maintenance to drainage which is required to geo-engineered land.
    So we are giving the EU 50 MILLION POUNDS EVERY DAY! We are allowing them to introduce policies that effectively create disasters with directives passed by agencies such as DEFRA and the Environment Agency. This Government have not been slow in acting at all, they are following the plan set out
    a decade ago. They brag that the banks will be giving millions to help, the same banks who were given Trillions of tax payers money in bail outs?
    Make no mistake about it, the farms that have been contaminated will be sold off at low prices to those with other plans for those areas. Greenpeace has confirmed that licenses have been offered to frackers in the Somerset levels already.
    So, you may agree with the media that its all the fault of climate change, notice how they have dropped the "Global warming" tag after it has been scientifically shown to be false! At the same time scientific documents exist that show that altering the earths magnetic field can influence rainfall and the HAARP facility in Alaska has just that capability.
    Why isnt anyone challenging the Government and pointing out that a DEFRA document of JULY 2004 entitled " Making space for water" shows, on page 23, the EU discussions of approaches in England,introducing a strategy of flooding? Because they all know they are following EU orders of a decade ago and this is a man made disaster, the documents speak for themselves.
    Making space for water...
    EU directive 2007/60/EC of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks, the so-called "Floods Directive".
    Flood Risk Regulations 2009, there, writ large, was Defra's "Making Space for Water" policy.
    The shift in policy can be seen with brutal clarity on the Commission website which gives priority to the "environment", citing a raft of EU measures, including the Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive. The Floods Directive is part of the package and this, we are sternly warned, has to be implemented by 2015.

    The UK is set to have the farming taken over by big industries that will involve thousands of cows being kept in conditions like that of battery hens fed genetically modified feed and never seeing the light of day, food prices soaring creating food poverty, fracking, crackdowns on peoples liberty more and more draconian measures, this is not just a case of a prolonged bout of bad weather, this is the case of this country deliberately being brought to its knees and if you dont see it now, well, carry on untill the fat lady really does sing! A.M.Carey
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