Making money with youtube- few questions

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by henhen10, Jun 4, 2011.

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    a student
    Hello all, i am sort of new here and i have learned a lot from this forum but i still have few questions to ask:
    1. does anyone use 1clickcashbot? if you do then what kind of videos do you upload(amazon,clickbank...)?
    2. I have recently uploaded about 30 videos to youtube to a brand new account and i got limited and now google says that i need to fill in my cell phone number- so my question is "after i verify my phone will my YT account will be released for good? or if i upload again the amount of 30 videos or more i might get banned for ever? "
    3. I though of using gateaways with adscendmedia to the sites that the video directs it a good way?
    4.i am using 1clickcash to upload the videos to my YT account and until now it got banned and all the 30 videos combined which were about a CB product only got about 3-5 views and in my opinion it is how can i get raffic to my videos?
    5. how much time do i need to wait before i upload a new video? i mean how much time do i need to wait after i upload a video and before uploading the next one?
    6. do you have some good results with YT ? can you please help me tp start make money with YT too?
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    i got the same problem here
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    Let me ask you a question, how many people do you think search on youtube for cb products comparing to people searching for music, games, movies, how to videos.

    Make money niche, and cb products dont get that many searches, so getting 3 to 5 searches isnt bad.

    My recomendation unless you are really good at selling affiliates products or clickbank products, focus on what it is easy to do on youtube.
    Promote to the masses, i personally think how to videos and gaming videos make a lot more money and there are more videos than what you are currently promoting.

    with youtube you gotta upload a lot of videos to nice a difference, plus if you are uploading make money niche and you only upload 30 videos and expect to get a decent amount of money back then you are surely mistaken.
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    anything that includes buying...then forget about it. Period!

    Social networking sites/ video sites are there for chilling...there are quite a few exceptions where direct selling can be profitable on facebook with right measures taken...apart from that...

    selling anything on youtube is not a great idea...

    unless you want to do it BIG

    Like advertising on youtube ... like we've seen the "six pack" thing they advertised on youtube and later teeth whitening...

    so unless you have tons of cash for the sole purpose of advertising...forget selling things

    hope this helped!

    You might want to check out my youtube thread I posted recently...which can give you a broader idea on what might work and what not...

    Have a good day :)
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