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    Hello, this is my first post here. My post was removed earlier but I removed all advertising.

    Having been in the PPI industry for a while, and starting out not too long ago as a PPI affiliate, I am going to try and provide value to this forum by going over a few methods I personally have used (I'll try to add more later), which are also applicable to more than just ppi:

    Method 1.
    Youtube Comment Upvoting (5 simple steps)
    The youtube video system currently has an exploitable loophole for commenting and keeping your comments on the top. You only need a website and an internet connection. No tools required.

    1. Make a website along the lines of a *free beta version* for a soon-to-be-released game or a soon-to-be-released *leaked movie*.
    These are just two examples you could potentially use. Use your imagination.
    You can find a chart containing soon-to-be-released movies with a google search.

    Make them download your PPI file in order to see the non-existent movie/game beta (or existent if you can content lock it).

    2. make/collect 7-10 smurf youtube accounts (you can do one per day or switch your ip/cookies on wifi). Store them in a text file.

    3. Find the top 3-5 youtube videos for your topic and bookmark them

    4. Using your first account, post one comment on each of your bookmarks. you will need to enter one or two captchas.
    Your comment can be along the lines of, "lol - the battlefield 4 beta was leaked a few hours ago here: (link)"

    5. go through your account list, logging out, logging in, and going through all your bookmarks and clicking the upvote button.
    Eventually, all of your comments will be pinned to the top for the rest of the day, depending on the video popularity.

    Youtube will block link-shorteners like this: bitly/2458926
    BUT if you reverse the slash, e.g. bitly\2458926 they will stick. You should use other link shorteners besides bitly to diversify.

    I'm not sure how long the slash-reversal loophole will last (that is loophole #2, #1 being the rapid login-logout comment uprating)

    Method 2.
    Facebook Likejacking
    This method works very well combined with the youtube upvoting trick. You can have a facebook like button on your landing which is disguised as an install button (I might go over this in more detail later). You can then have your download link only available when they click the disguised "like" button, thus spreading your site virally.

    Using the open graph functionality you can set it up to say just about anything and have image/video content appear on people's wall when it gets liked, e.g. "Seeking to fill janitorial position in NY !"

    Method 3.
    Adwords Arbitrage
    This one can be very costly and I don't recommend it unless you have extensive adwords experience. It is tried-and-true and very scaleable however.
    You basically buy advertising to display a fake download button which leads to your site.
    Users on download sites think the download button is *the real* download button, and end up getting something they didn't bargain for.
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    lol stop spamming...
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    I like your comment method, it saves a lot of time instead of uploading videos, but is it more effective?
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    Self-Employed Cookie Tester
    ☆☆ BHW ☆☆
    Can someone explain the legality of being a PPI affiliate as someone from the US? PPI seems very lucrative and easy, but seeing how even discussion of it on BHW is not allowed I'm really curious.
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    Ofcourse, discussing it is allowed : this is BLACK HAT forum, not WHITE HAT forum.