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    this is an old method and worked great before adsense reduced the "clickable" area (those were the good days right?). this method is still workable if you have the right traffic i.e. US, Europe, CA, AU etc. niche is high paying.


    find the script minifilehost - it is no longer in service but you can find a copy somewhere on the web. this method only works great with this script because
    it is a flat file database and the templates are easy to edit, all based on simple html.


    register a domain with "host" in it. superfilehost, megafilehost..if you cant come up with
    one pm me and i'll give you a domain name idea worth your buck.


    edit the download page template where people land to download their file. remove
    all mention of anything and everything except the script that loads the download link and timer. you need that of course. below that, place your adsense code. 300X300 or small rectangle (this will likely raise issue with adsense but you get more hits). below that,
    in the footer, mention these words "your files are hosted on dedicated dell (ibm,unix,linux etc.) servers with t3 backbone robust fiber topology etc. etc. etc" basically anything to do with dedicated servers, dedicated hosts.

    adsense bot will read that and load ads accordingly, cpc in that nich is over $30 bucks. If you get 5 clicks, thats good money.

    you dont have to upload large movies, videos or software. share simple things that people want like ebooks, mp3s, ringtones. anything to drive traffic to your hosting site and wont load too much on the bandwidth. a method used was to upload a text file with the actual download urls to other hosting sites on your hosting site. the users downloaded the text file from your hosting site to get the actual links to their downloads on rs, ms, fs etc. server load was none. since each text file was 1 to 5k in bytes.

    did it work? yes, made $300 plus a day. after six months account got banned because all traffic came from porn sites and was international traffic. traffic sent was over 5k to 10k a day. plus greed was involved and placed the adsense ad right after the timer code which was a big no no. those are the main reasons why the account got red flagged. if you play nice, you'll be fine. you can place a 300x300, leave good space between the timer/download link and you should be fine.

    hope you guys can proffitt.

    ***disclaimer, you use this at your own risk. i am posting this because there is something to learn from this method. some good will come out of it.***
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