Making money from apps without creating one!

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    After reading a few methods people are using on Facebook, I took a couple and put a twist on it.

    Now, some of this may sound sexist and I apologise for any offense, but as its making me $$ then I stand by it :)

    Right, cutting through the crap, heres what I do:

    1. Find an app that will be played mainly by girls / ladies.
    2. Create a website that gives the players an edge or something extra over other players
    3. Email players with a convincing email with a link to the website you created in step 2. This is the crucial part, just a link to your site, no affiliate links, no hard sell - just a persuasive email that makes the reader think they will have one over on other players.
    4. Sit and watch the pennies roll in.

    As a demo for you guys, and to test a few things out i created a plan on the Facebook app Sorority Sister, some Sim like game where you can become a sorority (or something like that, didn't read a lot into it :)).

    The app gives the player the chance to get clothes and gifts etc for their character so I based my site on that and created:

    with the sign up part being cakesliced from one of my affiliate networks who paid on an email submit.

    The hardest part, one I won't go into detail about, here as I want to leave you guys with something to figure out on your own :), is gathering the targetted email addresses to send out to.

    I did about 20 minutes looking about and got 43 email addresses of people playing this app and sent to them.

    This morning I looked on my stats and out of the 43 people I sent to, I received 6 bounces for email not in use, a couple of 'I am holiday and will check the mail when I get back' messages and 5 submits.

    Okay I didn't make a lot of money, about $10 but it shows this works so thought I would share with you guys before stepping up the pace and sending to the next 400+ emails I have related to this app!

    Before anyone says anything, you will only see the submit page if you are in the US - I put a coming soon page up for every other country until I knew what return I would get on things. Next step is to create a submit for non-US people!

    Anyway - thats my first method shared on BHW, probably not the most inventive but nice and easy ;)

    Forgot to say - I did this on a male related app and a female related app and the ladies clicked and signed up more than the males!

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    Seems like a good idea. And why not be nice and send them some clothes so you can make them fill in your CPA offer.