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    Hey BHW, I had a journal about Instagram a while back, and unfortunately, I gave up on it. Yes, I was just like everyone else, and gave up on it. But, now it's different. Even if I do fail, i'll post it, and hopefully everyone else, including me, will learn from my mistakes. I will post how I do things so if anyone wants, they can follow, but I won't reveal my blog. So, let's get to the point.

    Currently, I have a blog set up. My blog has tutorials, reviews, and articles all related to technology (of course more specific than that). I also bought the domain on GoDaddy and hosted by them as well. Then I installed wordpress and a genesis theme. My blog features tutorials on various things, so if anyone can recommend anything on how to monetize this type of blog.

    I currently have probably 7+ articles, all unique, all written by me, but on different topics.
    I have 2 web 2.0, one on Squidoo, and another on, both have backlinks, one to my main homepage, and one to an internal page. My website isn't some spam site where things are auto-generated. I plan on making my website actually useful, where people will want to come back to see if I've added anything new, as in, a new tutorial.

    Current Plugins (all are free):
    • Akismet - to prevent some spam on my blog
    • Better WP Security
    • Broken Link Checker
    • Contact Form 7
    • Digg Digg - Social Bookmark
    • Genesis Favicon Uploader
    • Google Analyticator
    • Google XML Sitemaps v3
    • Jetpack by Wordpress (it came installed, don't really know what it is)
    • Quick Cache
    • SEO Friendly Images

    • Since I am currently getting no views, I plan to drive traffic through Youtube. Since most of my articles are tutorials, I plan to make a video on those tutorials, and in the Youtube video, promote my website.
    • I'm also thinking of using Facebook PPC (buying coupons on Fiverr) but I need recommendations if this will work for my kind of work.
    • Start doing some SEO, but I need advice on this. Since I multiple articles and they're different keywords, should I just work on one article and do some SEO, or do SEO on all the articles. Remember, they're all different keywords.

    Currently Doing:
    • I am currently making videos for each of my tutorials, and placing it within the article itself.Debating whether I should buy views for these videos. Any recommendations?