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    I'll first start out by saying this is not my method but thought it would be useful to the forum.
    Step #1.

    This is going to be the most time consuming part of this method.

    The first thing you want to do is put together a mock webinar with Camtasia.

    This webinar is going to be a tutorial on building a money making WordPress blog. Make this as professional as you can. If you think you might have issues doing this do to language barriers or lack of knowledge, you can always outsource this part.

    Step #2.

    Put together a quick blog that is related to Internet Marketing. Fill this with posts about making money online, building websites, affiliate marketing, etc.. You can use PLR articles to do this, or you can grab articles from Ezine Articles. Doesn't really matter, don't get too caught up in this step. Just find some content! This, too can be outsourced.

    Step #3.

    Install Interspire Email Marketer Set up a mailing list and campaign within Interspire.

    Name the campaign "Free Webinar" or something like that. As for the optin form, all you need is the Name and Email address.

    Place this sign up form in a widget on the sidebar of your blog with the title, "Free Webinar Registration".

    Step #4.

    Put together a quick ebook outlining the steps of your free webinar. Be sure to fill this with your affiliate links and some coupon codes.

    Step #5.

    Build a page on your blog and add the webinar video and the ebook.

    Step #6.

    Post an ad on CL and as many other classified sites you can find. I post under Services > Computer.

    Your ad will look something like this:

    Build Your Own Website - Free Webinar

    We are going to be hosting a free webinar about building your own money making WordPress blog.

    Learn how to turn your passions into cash! You will be amazed at how simple and affordable this can be. This webinar i completely free with no obligations whatsoever from you!

    Spots are limited so get registered now to reserve your spot!

    (Insert Link Here)

    Step #7.

    Within your Interspire, you are going to have a campaign set up. They will go through the registration process and now be on your mailing list. Have a scheduled autoresponse set up to go out 2 hours after registration. Inform the individual that all spots have been filled. But due to the great response, you will be posting the webinar for all to see along with a simple guide on how to get started. Let them know that this is all free!

    Your next autoresponse will go out in about 20 hours or so with a link to the free webinar that you posted for them along with the guide.

    Step #8.

    Submit your webinar to YouTube and other video sites with a link to register for your blog post with the free guide.


    This is a great way to build your list. You can also let them know that they are more than welcome to share this guide with anybody they would like!

    If you don't want to go through the trouble of making the video, you can always say that you had technical difficulties while recording the webinar, but here is the free guide! You wont have the option of submitting the video to the video sites though and you will lose out on a lot of money!

    If you are not comfortable with using Interspire, you can use a service such as aweber. (Aweber by the way is another great affiliate program to make some cash from as well.

    So there it is and enjoy.
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    404 not found
    It's looking good, and it would probably work.
    Will check it later.
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    Wheres the host gator part? The title said make money with host hator. Sorry if i missed something...
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    Look at Step #4
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    This mailing list can be used for making money with many webmaster related products
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    simple enough , but need to put some twists later for better result . thanks for sharing !!
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    I havn't personally done this yet,but plan on it.Host gator is a great way to make money.But there are other hosting affiliate programs also you could work with.