Making dat dough. $$50 Bucks a day$$ Legggggo. CPA

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    I am 22 years old and have been playing around with SEO and content locking/CPA some.
    I'm almost done with college (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Bachelors) and I am finishing up online so I have a decent amount of free time.
    I'm moving out of my parent's house on Tuesday (Yay) and work full time making $9 bucks an hour.

    I know finances are going to be close so I am going to get serious about CPA.
    I have no car payment, no student debt, so if I fail (WHICH I WONT), it won't be the end of me.

    I have great graphic design/web design skills, and have been soaking in as much information lately as possible.


    I'm going to be using CPA, because there is tons of potential there, and I am in a great network.
    My goal is $50 a day, but I will be breaking that into smaller goals in $10 increments.

    I will do my best to post everyday, but this weekend is going to be crazy due to moving out and working alot, so my main goal will be brainstorming + preparation.

    I've been looking at using Tumblr to drive traffic to my money site/content locker, so I may try that. Facebook and youtube might also be something to look at.

    Anyways, I won't fail, I am going to put my blood, sweat, and tears into this. I realize it will probably suck at the beginning but as soon as I start making money I know it will cons[SIZE=3]ume me[SIZE=3]. [SIZE=3]:p

    OK - I'll try and stay as faithful[SIZE=3] to this blog as I can[SIZE=3].

    --- Any recom[SIZE=3]mendation[SIZE=3]s on what types of marketing works w[SIZE=3]ell with CPA?[SIZE=3]----
    I'm pretty sure I want to go the social media route but I'm open to anythi[SIZE=3]ng else. Like I sa[SIZE=3]id,
    t[SIZE=3]his is going to be a huge learning experience, and any[SIZE=3]thing I learn, I hope to pass on to you guys.

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