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Discussion in 'CPA' started by harry_balzac, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Hi friends,

    I am a rouge admin at a website called battlecam

    I was made admin by social engineering the creator of the site :)
    Does anyone know any ways i could make some money?
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    you tell us, you're the social engineer, however i really doubt that, because a true social engineer would never ask a question here like "Does anyone know any ways i could make some money?"...
    these questions most of the times turn into flame wars or best case scenario: nobody answers them

    if you wouldn't even bother explaining wtf is battlecam, how do you even expect us to help you?

    if you ask a valid question, you'll have your answers
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    it's not very clear what your asking so excuse me if my understandings are incorrect.

    A. i've blagged a job as the site admin without a clear understanding of the role involved, so i have posted the website name and my position on a public forum in the hope someone can help.


    B.i've blagged a job as the site admin role and plan to make money on the side without the owner finding out, so i have posted the website name and my position on a public forum.
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    hit me up and i'll tell you how
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    the first thing that comes to mind is as an admin you will have an inside view to how the site is moderated which may help you find an exploit

    from wikipedia: is a live 24/7 Broadcasting website launched in early 2010 by Alki David and his company FilmOn. The website is made up of a Main broadcasting page called The Main Channel. Users on the main channel are voted on by other registered members, The more Like votes they receive the longer they stay on cam, hence Battling for Time on Cam. Users not wishing to battle for time on the main channel are encouraged to broadcast in their own channels.

    History is most known for its bizarre challenges, one of which Alki David offered a man $1 million to streak President Barack Obama. On another occasion Alki David streamed Live Suicide as a publicity stunt but was later revealed to be a hoax.
    i found the member pages have a wall that could be used to post. also may be able to create profile accounts and pay some $5 and $10 gigs for some quick promo videos to be made. might need to research to see how well the member pages rank in the serps and how quickly they are removed by the moderators

    maybe as admin you can turn a blind eye so the fake profile video archive and wall posts can stay up longer

    this is just off the top of my head. hope it helps spur further brainstorming